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[ Read Online The Lambs of London ¼ young-adult-fantasy PDF ] by Peter Ackroyd Ë Mary Lamb Is Confined By The Restrictions Of Domesticity Her Father Is Losing His Mind, Her Mother Watchful And Hostile The Great Solace Of Her Life Is Her Brother Charles, An Aspiring Writer It Is No Surprise When Mary Falls For The bookseller S Son, Antiquarian William Ireland, From Whom Charles Has Purchased A Book But This Is No Ordinary Book It Once Belonged To William Shakespeare Himself And William Ireland With His Green Eyes And Red Hair Is No Ordinary Young ManIn The Lambs of London, Peter Ackroyd Brilliantly Creates An Urban World Of Scholars And Entrepreneurs, A World In Which A Clever Son Will Stop At Nothing To Impress His Showman Father, And No One Knows Quite What To Believe Ingenious And Vividly Alive, The Lambs of London Is A Poignant, Gripping Novel Of Betrayal And Deceit From The Trade Paperback Edition In The Lambs of London, as with The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein, Ackroyd delights in creating alternate realities for historically relevant literary people and having those people interact with one another in a way that they never did in real life That being said, Ackroyd so deftly interweaves historical fact with fiction that you have to be sure to read up on the actual accounts of people like Charles and Mary Lamb, lest you end up saying something stupid and factually incorrect when trying to impress your literary friends Whenever I read Ackroyd s fiction I get the sense that he is a bit of a mischief maker I think that after writing such weighty works as the biographies of London, Thames, and Venice, he probably just wants to have some fun.
Riveting, complex super well written, The Lambs of London is yet another fully submersive foray into a previous age from Ackroyd, whose magnum opus I feel ultimately to be Hawksmoor Here, we deal not with gothic architecture but with the Bard himself, ultimate emblem for all good British things But what is fascinating ends up in a predictable fashion, this is my one sole bitch complaint As a whole, it s elusive, distinguished unforgettable.

I bought this book before travelling to London, along with two others that fulfilled the criteria I had decided upon it must be a novel by an author I haven t read yet, and it must feature London in the title Strange criteria to pick books, I realise now, and as I try to put into words what I think about this one, I wonder how the other two picks, Martin Amis London Fields and Iain Sinclair s London Orbital, will fare Update I love hated book London Fields 18830 , and London Orbital has not managed to keep me within its orbit for than a page or two at a time, so it is slow motion reading.
I started with The Lambs of London because I love 19th century London, and am obsessed with the milieu of classical literature, so I was convinced I would like the topic I did not know much about the historical background o A short sharp burst of creamy historical fiction goodness from Peter Ackroyd a man who is basically a big walking encyclopaedia of London in days of yore I ve read both Hawksmoor, The Fall of Troy and The House of Dr Dee and although I wasn t that enamoured of Dr Dee, Hawksmoor gets a big thumbs up and 10 10 for effort, research, and all round weirdness against the magnificent backdrop of St Pauls, both past and present The Lambs of London deals with Charles and Mary Lamb if you were expecting a story about anthropomorphic sheep then you need to look elsewhere They are best known for sanitising Shakespeare and producing a nice tidy volume of stories based on the bards best work, thus making it accessible to children Normally they are portrayed as a slightly fluffy brother sister duo who liked reading and wrote a nice book for kiddy winks, however they bot

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