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Trailer ß The Last Black Unicorn PDF by ß Tiffany Haddish NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom Stand Up Comedian, Actress, And Breakout Star Of Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish, ComesThe Last Black Unicorn, A Sidesplitting, Hysterical, Edgy, And Unflinching Collection Of Extremely Personal Essays, As Fearless As The Author HerselfGrowing Up In One Of The Poorest Neighborhoods Of South Central Los Angeles, Tiffany Learned To Survive By Making People Laugh If She Could Do That, Then Her Classmates Would Let Her Copy Their Homework, The Other Foster Kids She Lived With Wouldn T Beat Her Up, And She Might Even Get A Boyfriend Or At Least She Could Make Enough Money As The Paid School Mascot And In Demand Bar Mitzvah Hype Woman To Get Her Hair And Nails Done, So Then She Might Get A Boyfriend None Of That Worked And She S Still Single , But It Allowed Tiffany To Imagine A Place For Herself Where She Could Do Something She Loved For A Living Comedy Tiffany Can T Avoid Being Funny It S Just Who She Is, Whether She S Plotting Shocking, Jaw Dropping Revenge On An Ex Boyfriend Or Learning How To Handle Her Newfound Fame Despite Still Having A Broke Person S Mind Set Finally Poised To Become A Household Name, She Recounts With Heart And Humor How She Came From Nothing And Nowhere To Achieve Her Dreams By Owning, Sharing, And Using Her Pain To Heal Others By Turns Hilarious, Filthy, And Brutally Honest, The Last Black Unicorn Shows The World Who Tiffany Haddish Really Is Humble, Grateful, Down To Earth, And Funny As Hell And Now, She S Ready To Inspire Others Through The Power Of Laughter I definitely recommend listening to The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish Firstly she s hysterical and can definitely tell a joke and or a story The memoir traces her life from her youth to current her success Each story reveals something about her character and her growth into the woman she is today Some of the stories are draw dropping and snatched my edges, but as a whole it s very interesting The only real complaints I had with The Last Black Unicorn is that the story is told very quickly and in broken up short stories It would have been nice if she had taken the time to go deeper on her thoughts about some of the things that had and have happened to her We speed from one story to the next and barely have time to digest it to the fullest Allyn from YupIReadIt on Booktube described it as hilariously depressing and that is the most accurate description I wouldn t bothe This is definitely worth reading Haddish is incredibly funny, smart and observant She has lived a hard life which makes her success all the admirable and deserved There are places where I wanted depth The book is short and reads fast, sometimes too fast But the funny parts will bring you to tears So will the painful parts I am not a fan of books by comedians is all They just don t work as cohesive narratives.

I ve never DNFed a book so fast This was bad.
Tiffany Haddish made me clutch my chest, crying from laughter, and only a few people can do that to me She is hilarious But that s not all She is strong She was strong when she was a child, a teenager, and she is still strong today I can t even believe how much she went through I didn t know who she was until I watched Girls Trip and some of her promotional interviews, but once I did, I needed to know about this authentic woman.
This woman who didn t grow up a Hollywood star She is living, breathing proof that, yes, some people are born with talent, in her case the ability to make people laugh, but being born with talent doesn t guarantee you success.
You need to work hard to make it, and Tiffany Haddish certainly did and does In this memoir, she is being one hundred percent honest about her struggles, mistakes and bad choices She discusses her many previous and unhealthy relationships, h

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