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☆ Seule au rendez-vous » Download by ☆ Anne Plantagenet Women Are Not Supposed To Write Yet I Write Marceline Desbordes ValIn , At The Late Age Of Thirty Three, Marceline Desbordes, The Actress And Romantic Poet The Only Woman Counted By Paul Verlaine Among His Po Tes Maudits, Or Accursed Poets, A Group That Included Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, And Alfred De Vigny Marries Prosper Val, A Fellow Actor Who Brings Love And Stability To Her Turbulent Life Such Stability Does Not Last, However We Meet Marceline Just Before She Is About To Leave Paris Yet Again In Search Of Better Work For Her And Her Husband It Is Always Hard To Leave Vibrant, Sophisticated Paris, But Marceline Is Torn Now Also From Henri Latouche, Her Unattractive, Dilettante, But Utterly Captivating LoverWe Witness Marceline S Transformation From A Celebrated Actress To A Struggling Poet, Trying Desperately To Leave The Stage Behind Her Once And For All, Embarrassed By Playing Ingenues As She Advances In Years, Despite The Adulation Of Her Audience We Watch Her Fall In Love Repeatedly, With A Young Soldier, With The Handsome Actor She Is To Marry, With The Ill Fated Latouche We Feel Her Hurt As She Buries Child After Child, Her Dream Of Being A Mother Deferred Cruelly Time And Time Again But Most Of All, We Share In Her Transcendence Of Daily Life As She Achieves The Height Of Her Art And Rises Above Her Circumstances, Avoiding The Sad Fates Of Her Widowed Father And Siblings, Who Fall Prey To Drink And Madness The Last Rendezvous Is A Romantic Novel In Every Sense Of The Word, And Is As Irresistible As Its Tragic But Triumphant Leading Lady, Who Chose To Live Her Life With Daring As A Modern Woman Ahead Of Her Time Don t remember this at all.

The flap copy calls this a Romantic novel in every sense of the word, which it is it s a romance, a love story, and also a story set in the Romantic era, with protagonists who are part of the French Romantic literary musical dramatic scene It s the story of Marceline Desbordes Val, first an actress, then a poet, and it s the story of her loves her ill fated affairs, her marriage, and her great love for the writer Henri de Latouche It moves back and forth in time, starting in 1821 and moving ahead but also looking back, in alternating chapters, at Marceline s youth and early adulthood, and it has its poetic moments, but it s mostly straight first person narration, which I found less compelling than I thought it d be.
Not that I Not impressed.

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