ð The Mammoth Hunters ↠´ Download by ä Jean M. Auel

ð The Mammoth Hunters ↠´ Download by ä Jean M. Auel I read the life of a woman with great talent,enduarance and patience.
Only the first book in this series is worth reading Much of it was inappropriate, but I overlooked it because evil was portrayed as such Also because it was a worthwhile story Clinging to the storyline as it continued in Book 2 Valley of Horses , I merely endured and hope the plot would get beyond sexual intercourse methods of civilized folks FYI, if you and or your new spouse are looking for a good sex manual, I highly recommend Valley of Horses IMHO, the entire series belongs to the category of female pornography Having read the first two, I make note of the fact that I know abuse victims attracted to these books In other words, what they found in the story was familiar to them, rather than being a portrayal of appropriate behavior I do believe in the power of story to perpetuate lies, but also to bring healing This ser Part One Of Two Parts In This Third Of The Acclaimed Earth S Children Novels, Ayla, The Independent Heroine Of THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR And THE VALLEY OF HORSES, Sets Out From The Valley On Whinney, The Horse She Tamed With Her Is Jondalar, Tall, Handsome And Yellow Haired, The Man She Nursed Back To Health And Came To Love Together They Meet The Manutoi The Mammoth Hunters People Like Ayla Among Them Is Ranec, An Artistic, Magnetic Master Carver Of Ivory Ayla Finds Herself Torn Between Ranec And Jondalar, The Latter A Powerful Lover But Insecure And Wildly Jealous It Is Not Until The Great Mammoth Hunt, When Ayla S Life Is Threatened, That A Fateful Decision Is Made What is my totem What symbol guides me in this world What is my spiritual anchor This novel evoked a review of my identity, spirituality, and direction although the book mentioned destiny, i opt to use direction as this is related with choice from a different light.
I cried many times as I read the book I was so absorbed with the tensions, scattered like cookie crumbs in every chapter of the book I devoured each crumb like a grieving lone wolf I ve never seen a wolf, but the book introduced me to one A lone wolf is a lone wolf because it made a choice to leave its pack, pushed by circumstances especially by being different from the rest I pictured its struggle to survive, devouring fresh or rotten meat, hungry for company Yet the book suggested so subtly that belonging to a pack or to a people makes one to hunger for solitude too, espec HOW could this be the same author that wrote such a mesmerizing page turner the first time around I was in awe and completely enveloped in Ayla s world with the first book I shouldn t be so appalled because 2 was such a terrible flop, but reallybook 3 was a complete waste of 700 pages and importantly, my time This book could have been told in 50 pages or less.
NOTHING happened I m so mad about how terrible this book was because there are 3 to go I will not be wasting any time on this series and am really in shock by how excellent the first was, to how far the series has plummeted.
I feel like I have to finish this series because I do want to know what happens to the characters, a testament to the first book however it is a bit of a drag at times, especially when the caveman porn comes into play I really enjoy when the author describes the rituals and the landscape, I do not enjoy when the author tries to create drama with the interpersonal relationships of her characters I wish the author understood she didn t need all of that fluff, it is a better book without it A good and honest editor would have greatly improved this series On to the next book and once again hoping for less romance and life.
I have found that Jean Auel has been instrumental in helping me to appreciate the pre history that pre dated our Native American tribes In fact this book takes place, I believe, on the European continent His fiction based on archaeological findings is presented in such a way that you never know you are learning something very important All of Jean s books are that way and I value every one I have tried to read every one of Jean s books and have come away with a better knowledge of history and pre history than I ever learned in school with little or no pain of boredom whatsoever I only wish to emulate Jean s excellent style in my own books Kitty Sutton

I love Alya s story and this chapter of her life was filled with so much love and many great characters the detail the author went into about the land and technique used for all aspects of living were very informative but at times seems almost tedious I find way of living and concepts to be fascinating and look forward to reading of Alya s journey.
As with all the other books, this one is long and detailed to the bitter end I didn t like this one as much, I have to say It was AMAZINGLY painfully so much like a damn soap opera that I had to put it down so many times and just say, Gimme a break I wanted to reach inside this book and slap some heads Seriously, it was worse than Days of our Lives, but in the friggin ice age I have a few to read they better not be like this one.
Aylia first encounter with the others

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