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ë Mannen som log ¶ Download by · Henning Mankell The opening of the fourth novel in this series finds Kurt Wallander in a deep depression At the conclusion of the last book, he shot a man to death, and even though it was clearly a case of self defense, he s devastated by the fact that he has taken another man s life After brooding over the incident for than a year, Wallander resolves to quit the police force and is at the point of turning in his papers when a very bizarre case grabs his attention.
An elderly lawyer has died The reader knows right away that the man was murdered, but the murder is successfully disguised as an auto accident and fools the initial investigation The man s son, also a lawyer, makes a clandestine visit to Kurt Wallander, who is still recovering, and tries to convince him to investigate his father s death Wallander refuses and presses ahead with his intention to resign But then the son is murdered and Wal Coffee was supposedly introduced to Europe by Dutch traders in the late 1600s I think it s safe to say that at that point, every Swedish detective immediately started guzzling copious amounts of the stuff haven t stopped this practice since It is of no surprise to me that Wallander has such bad insomnia when you come home at 3 in the morning drink a cup of coffee, is it any wonder that you re still awake at 6 30 Although I appreciate his dedication to duty, in that he just drinks coffee heads to work to continue solving crimes, I wish he d just lay off the coffee already get some sleep I like Wallander a lot as a character and I like the people he works with I think this may have just been a bad place to start out this series, because the mystery seems a little far fetched Your lawyer finds out some of your dirty se Mais um caso resolvido por Kurt Wallander, mais um excelente policial desta s rie.
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Book ReviewThe second review of two crime novels whose titles hint at laughter and joy, Mankell s novel The Man Who Smiled is in my opinion the best to date in the Wallander series In the first review, we discovered the significance of how morose Martin Beck finally came to emit a burst of laughter in the last paragraph of that novel The Laughing Policeman I find this significant Let s face it laughter, joy, humor, these are not exactly the words I would describe as pertinent to Nordic crime novels with the possible exception of Jussi Adler Olson s Department Q novels Granted, some of the humor is lost in tranlation, as Jo Nesbo recently stated in an interview here on Goodreads And as I mentioned in the Martin Beck novel of similar title, my reading these two novels in succession is entirely accidental It just so happened that I found myself reading two scandina A Kurt Wallender police procedural or not since Wallender does not always follow police procedures It is best if you read these books in order even though each one is a stand alone in many ways, there are references in Wallenders personal life that will be unclear if you have not read the books in order This is book 4 1 is FAceless Killers, 2 is Dogs of Riga, 3 is White Lioness This book begins with Wallender doubting himself and dealing with the occurrences in Book 3 where he had to kill a man At this point he takes an extended to leave to deal with his feelings As he is pacing along the beach, thinking, a friend of his, Sten Torstenssen, visits him and wants Wallenders help Sten s father recently died in a car accident and Sten does not believe it was an accident Wallender tells Sten he cannot help him Soon after Wallender returns home where he decides to leave This is my second book in this police procedural series, set in a small city in southern Sweden I found this less than fully compelling Here are some of my problems with the book 1 The pacing is slow, and the book bogs down a bit in the middle.
2 The mystery at the heart of the book is suspected financial crime by the principal of a large and secretive complex of businesses The murder of several people, and the attempted murder of a couple of others, trigger the police investigation and apparently were engineered in order to cover up the financial improprieties However, Mankell never explains clearly what the financial activities are, and never attempts to explain what the first victim discovered that led to his murder For a book ultimately based on financial crime, the description of the business aspects is very unsophisticate The Man Who Smiled Begins With Inspector Kurt Wallander Deep In A Personal And Professional Crisis After Killing A Man In The Line Of Duty Eventually, He Vows To Quit The Ystad Police Force For Good Just Then, However, A Friend Who Had Asked Wallander To Look Into The Death Of His Father Winds Up Dead Himself, Shot Three Times Ann Britt Hoglund, The Department S First Female Detective, Proves To Be His Best Ally As He Tries To Pierce The Smiling Facade Of His Prime Suspect, A Powerful Multinational Business Tycoon But Just As He Comes Close To Uncovering The Truth, The Same Shadowy Threats Responsible For The Murders Close In On Wallander HimselfAll Of Henning Mankell S Talents As A Master Of The Modern Police Procedural, Which Have Earned Him Legions Of Fans Worldwide, Are Showcased In The Man Who Smiled, Which Is The Fourth Of The Eight Wallander books Published Thus Far In English Wonderful book Presenting truly how police work impacts a man s psyche The shooting, though justifiable, weighs heavily on Kurt A year has passed and he is resolved, after 25 years service, to retire from the police force.
During a visit to Denmark, he is visited by Sten Torstensson, an old friend, now practicing lawyer in his father s firm His father had been recently found dead in an accident Kurt declines his request to investigate the matter deeper.
Returning to Sweden, he finds an obituary for Sten His interest peaked, he finds himself rethinking his decision to retire.
The investigation is one of the best written that I ve read so far Police follow many avenues with small clues coming in and yet not presenting a clear motive or murderer It is only t The Man Who Smiled is number four in the Wallander series, picking up some time after Wallander s experiences in book 3, The White Lioness As book four opens, Wallander is still on sick leave, and has made the decision during a period of incredibly intense depression that he will not be continuing on in his career as a policeman But all of that changes when a friend seeks him out to ask him for help regarding the case of his father s death The police had ruled it a car accident, but the friend is convinced that it was not Wallander tells him that the police are most likely correct but then his friend is also mysteriously killed This prompts Wallander to return to the job to find out what lays behind the deaths of father and son and uncovers much than he bargained for While the p There are many book related things I could say about the fourth Wallander installment The Man Who Smiled Stuff about the excellent introduction of Ann Britt H glund and Wallander as a character and the breakneck pace and the way the BBC adaptation of this differed in good ways and bad But reading this particular book led me to a realization, and I d rather talk about that.
I have often wondered why, even though I am compelled to read detective fiction which at its best still tends to see the world as black and white than I the genre fills me with anxiety and sadness The obvious answer is because terrible things happen in these books, and those things make me feel bad But that answer has never flown for me, and I rejected it the very first time I wondered why.
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