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[ Read Online The Marked ¶ education PDF ] by Inara Scott ¶ Night Academy Wartet Mit Nervenkitzel Und Unerwarteten Wendungen Auf Wie Die Hauptperson Wei Der Leser Nie Genau, Wem Er Trauen Kann Und Da Dancia Sich Zwischen Cam Und Jack Entscheiden Muss, Bleibt S Auch In Der Liebe Spannend Schon Immer War Es Dancias Sehnlichster Wunsch, Ihre F Higkeit, Die Kr Fte Der Natur Zu Beherrschen, F R Das Gute Einzusetzen Auf Der Night Academy Scheint Er In Erf Llung Zu Gehen Zumindest Behauptet Das Cam, Dancias Von Allen Angehimmelter Freund Aber Kann Sie Ihm Glauben Warum Ist Dann Jack, Mit Dem Sie Nicht Nur Ein Verungl Ckter Kuss Verbindet, Abgehauen Und Warum Tauchen Immer Wieder W Tende Ex Sch Ler Auf Der Night Academy Auf Dancia Ist Hin Und Hergerissen Was, Wenn Die Night Academy Ganz Andere Ziele Verfolgt, Als Sie Vorgibt Sie Muss Unbedingt Jack Finden I basically felt this book was pretty much a repeat of the first book with just a slightly different scenario only thing time Jack is not physically by Danica s side and we have an introduction of a new character Barrett In book 1, Danica was initiated into Delcroix Academy, and in this book, she was initiated into the program Cam kind of watches over her and guides her through, while Jack is a constant doubt in her mind I don t think very much changed in this book, and I m disappointed to read a 320 paged ARC to see the story progressed so little This book had such a slow pace, and it wasn t until the end where all the action was did it pick up a bit.
I had a huge problem with Danica and thought that after Book 1, she would have grownof a person She s still the same naive, du SpoilersThe plot was boring, the main character was an insufferable bitch, the romance was blah and it was all so predictable and unimaginative Dancia was a dull, indecisive, whiny, unremarkable girl yet everyone around her thought she was speshul snowflake.
ugh She was so dumb and annoying all she did was throw herself into dangerous situations and make everything ten times worse I really started to hate the bitch when she ditched her friend to hang out with her boyfriend, Cam She felt guilty and knew her friend was upset and lonely.
but did she make time for her friend Nope, the selfish cow carried on ignoring her for Cam And then when said friend started to hang out with a bunch of guys because she had no one else, Dancia got all The first book wasn t great, but not terrible either Unfortunately, it s not something you d like to read muchthan once, so waiting eight months for a sequel to a book that wasn t exactly awesome is going to be hard It s like when you read a series and love it, you want the book to come as fast as possible because you love the series This series is the kind where you want the book to come out as fast as possible, because otherwise you re going to forget the whole story.
Well, what do you know This book actually turned out better than I thought Yay I wasn t really thrilled over the first book, the Candidates or the Talents , from Inara Scott s Delcroix Academy series There really wasn t anything new to the idea of the whole school for kids with special abilities Yes, very X Men like, but The Marked turned this typical urban fantasy story to a whole other level Not exactly as ground breaking as I want a book to be but this was better andeventful than the first book.
I experienced a whole new perspective over the characters in this book, particularly Jack and Catherine Jack, who was Dancia s best friend even though their moments as best friends in the Candidates wasn t really elaborated, kind of feels unrealistic since I didn t feel them really bond or anything other than Here is why I enjoyed this book so much Dancia has real thoughts and feelings I don t understand when people say she s weak or is mean to her friends Her thoughts come naturally to her She is strong in that she tries to use her power when she knows she can accidentally injure people in the process Her thinking her friends have quirks is only natural because I honestly observe people around me and honestly don t have the best thoughts of people and I never state them because they will hurt feelings I do think there is stil something good in store in the future It has a good beginning nonetheless The Candidates is a good ride in reading that has to take its time to conclude so you see its true thrilling suspense and supernatural elements It was only one book in the series andlike an opener to see what it deals with I just love books in paranormal genres, so this doesn t let down at a THE FAERYS VIEWThe Marked Delcroix 2 by Inara Scott is the second installment in the The Delcroix Academy series The first book, The Candidates, was one of my favorite books of 2010 Ms Scott does a spectacular job in this paranormal romance filled with danger, thrills, mystery and intrigue an oh, let s not forget swoon worthy romance The Marked is one of those books that is difficult to put down, most of the same characters are present from The Candidated Delcroix Academy, Book 1 so I had a sense that I knew most of the people present that I knew and loved or disliked The narrative was fantastic with just the right amount of tension to keep me turning pages deep into the night In true Inara Scott style there were shocks and thrills throughout and rarely a d As becomes evident in my original review of The Candidates by Inara Scott I was very excited to get my hands on this novel, its sequel However, after having finished it I must admit that I am a bit disappointed.
The largest problem that I had with this book is that I felt that there was a disconnect between what was going on in the plot of the book and the emotional development surrounding these parts There was one specific part of the book chapter 15 where Danica was training in the woods and something that she perceived as being terrible happened but I personally didn t understand why it was such a big deal solely because I don t think that the terror and horror that she was experiencing during it was as developed as it needed to be The dialogue, of this part especially, felt too robotic and unnatural for Overall, though the first book was passable, this one just kind of disintegrated into a mess of paranormal love triangles and supernatural vendettas The characters devolved, and there was the sense of the storyline being repeated with slightly different elements I just couldn t get into The Marked , even though I did valiantly struggle to the end.
While some authors can make love triangles work, unfortunately, I felt that Scott could not If anything, I think what really bothered me the most was the fact that all the female characters identified through their relationships with men Now, recently, there was a study done that said that women overwhelmingly define themselves through their relationships with other people and not necess Dissapointed and bitter I had higher hopes and expectations from this Now why did you have to go and do that, huh I read this book with half the enthousiasm I had for the first and I couldn t help finding it lacking for me The story was good and the training scenes were interesting, but I missed Jack I missed Jack waayy too much When he left in the end of The Candidates I knew that he would probably get involved in something like that, but not that they would make him into this He s ruthless, cold and with scraps of remorse I was never a huge fan of Cam Yeah he s a good guy and all, but he s kind of flat, colorless Jack had fire, humour and inteligence Ok, he was a bit paranoid at times, but he was right most of the time Now why would anyone do this to him This is not where I had pictured this storyline going and I don

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