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[ Pdf The National Parks: America's Best Idea Ü esp PDF ] by Dayton Duncan Ü The National Parks America s Best Idea by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns is a coffee table book which is supposed to be a supplementary to the TV documentary, but certainly stands on its own.
On our last vacation we managed to hit three national parks, one was planned but the other two were just road stops When I saw The National Parks America s Best Idea by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns in our local library I picked it up for no other reason.
I m happy I did, this is a wonderful book, full of excellent, enticing visuals and great passages The historical parts are informative but not too overburdening I especially enjoyed the old promotional posters peppered within the book.
Even if you don t have a passion for the outdoors, or not a fan of America s National Parks this book will certainly entertain you It is an easy read with excellent pictures from First off BEAUTIFUL photos a mix of scenic and historical This book explores the founding of our national parks Fun and interesting details about the well knowns, like Muir and Roosevelt, but the author also does a great job of highlighting the unsung heroes and stories no one s heard before Even if you just flip thru the book and look at a few photos and read a paragraph or two, I bet you ll want to jump in your car and scoot over to the nearest National Park And I recommend the Ken Burns documentary as well Victoria There are two ways to read this book The first would be a quick scan through, like a coffee table book to browse the beautiful photography and maybe read the short bios and interviews scattered throughout the book Or, you can read the book in it s entirety and learn the history of how our national parks came to be, and who the pivotal people were who made it happen Either way, I would give it a 5 star rating I come from a family who has a great appreciation for the national parks My grandparents both spent summers in their college years working in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, and passed their love of it down through the decades I also inherited their love of the outdoors, and understand the need that humans have to get close to nature sometimes How thankful I am for the far s For the first time in human history, land great sections of our natural landscape was set aside, not for kings or noblemen or the very rich, but for everyone, for all time Ken BurnsAt the risk of offending Ken Burns fans, I found the PBS narrative to be a bit tedious sorry, Ken Burns , AND despite his wonderful intro quoted above However, this companion book to his documentary about our National Parks is a GEM I liked the fact that I could take my time and choose the images and text I was most excited about I took it to work with me and read from it to coworkers and exclaimed over the fascinating people characters we meet along the way I even welled up in parts sniff I give it ten stars Yes, ten.
reads book Quits day job Goes out to become a park ranger Rides a bison across the wilderness while bald eagles screech overhead

For all the American history I have read, nothing has taught meabout democracy, illustrated how American democracy operates, or personalized the values underlying our democracythan a book about National Parks No book on the Founding Fathers, no book about military engagements, no book on civil rights National Parks Go figure This was an enlightening and as touching a book as I ve ever read.
Fascinating stories of the amazing men and women who, at crucial times in American history, were able to fend off private individuals and and big interests determined to destroy our country s beautiful and remarkable forests, canyons, mountains and rivers The haphazard story of how our National Parks came into existence involves perseverance, courage, sacrifice, wit, good writing and media connections, enforcement, politicking and intense personal experience with the great outdoors It started with John Muir and never would have become a reality if it weren t for the many individuals in subsequent generations who took up the cause Visiting the National Parks has always been top on my list but after listening to this book on CD, my subsequent visits will bemeaningful knowing the struggle it took to create them and will include a silent grateful prayer for those who dedica Be aware that this book isn t just a coffee table book with pretty pictures okay, it can be that , the narrative behind it is excellent Some of the stories can be a little dry at times as it talks about politics leading to the creation of the parks Over all the book takes a great look at how the national parks and the conservation movement got its start If you are a fan of park system, this book opens your eyes to how close we came to not having amazing places like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or the Everglades.
This may appear to be just a coffee table book, but it s muchthan that This is a comprehensive history of our national parks, from the first molecule of an idea right up to the present I learned about many of the key figures here and there in my university degree program This book pulled it all together for me chronologically, so I could appreciate each person s sacrifices and contributions within the context of the emerging national park system I ve been a user and a lover of our national parks since early childhood I ve visited nearly all of the parks and monuments in the Western U.
S and worked a few summers in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons So I m going to get sappy and mushy here fair warning and say that my heart really did swell with gratitude as I read about the tireless determination of these men and women Amid great opposition, they worked to set aside our national treasures The Companion Volume To The Twelve Hour PBS Series From The Acclaimed Filmmaker Behind The Civil War, Baseball, And The WarAmerica S National Parks Spring From An Idea As Radical As The Declaration Of Independence That The Nation S Most Magnificent And Sacred Places Should Be Preserved, Not For Royalty Or The Rich, But For Everyone In This Evocative And Lavishly Illustrated Narrative, Ken Burns And Dayton Duncan Delve Into The History Of The Park Idea, From The First Sighting By White Men InOf The Valley That Would Become Yosemite And The Creation Of The World S First National Park At Yellowstone In , Through The Most Recent Additions To A System That Now Encompasses Nearly Four Hundred Sites AndMillion AcresThe Authors Recount The Adventures, Mythmaking, And Intense Political Battles Behind The Evolution Of The Park System, And The Enduring Ideals That Fostered Its Growth They Capture The Importance And Splendors Of The Individual Parks From Haleakala In Hawaii To Acadia In Maine, From Denali In Alaska To The Everglades In Florida, From Glacier In Montana To Big Bend In Texas And They Introduce Us To A Diverse Cast Of Compelling Characters Both Unsung Heroes And Famous Figures Such As John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, And Ansel Adams Who Have Been Transformed By These Special Places And Committed Themselves To Saving Them From Destruction So That The Rest Of Us Could Be Transformed As Well The National Parks Is A Glorious Celebration Of An Essential Expression Of American Democracy

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