ß The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings ✓ Download by Ý Peter Kreeft

ß The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings ✓ Download by Ý Peter Kreeft This is the kind of book that changes how you think and who you are It s philosophy written brilliantly and illustrated by Tolkien s masterpieces Every page will set of a new train of thought and by far the most of those will be highly profitable as well as stimulating There are, however, a few odd things taught Some of these are due to Lewis s influence on the writer but then most of the best thoughts in the book are due to Lewis as much as Tolkien Others are due to the fact that the author is a Roman Catholic.
Absolutely loved it.
The book started with a great promise to me A discussion about Tolkien s philosophy, which is certainly not in line with today s popular worldview and values But the book quickly descended into a Christian and Catholic empty propaganda The writer apparently wrote this book not in order to discuss and think about Tolkien and his worldview, but rather to proselytize his own Catholic faith I would have expected a philosophy book to raise questions than answers here the exclamation marks rule.
Mid way the book gets really repetitive with the same themes repeating over and over In some instances, even the same quotes were quoted again But yet again, when your goal is to preach, repetition is necessary.
While Nothing Can Equal Or Replace The Adventure In Reading Tolkien S Masterwork, The Lord Of The Rings, Peter Kreeft Says That The Journey Into Its Underlying Philosophy Can Be Another Exhilarating AdventureThus, Kreeft Takes The Reader On A Voyage Of Discovery Into The Philosophical Bones Of Middle Earth He Organizes The Philosophical Themes In The Lord Of The Rings Into Categories, Accompanied By Over , References To The Text Of LordSince Many Of The Great Questions Of Philosophy Are Included In The Theme Outline, This Book Can Also Be read As An Engaging Introduction To Philosophy For Each Of The Philosophical Topics In Lord, Kreeft Presents Tools By Which They Can Be Understood Illustrated Peter Kreeft has blown my mind with his book on Philosophy within Tolkien s works and personal letters For someone who is not well versed in the terminology of philosophy, this book served to be both a fabulous and understandable explanation of what philosophy is, and a deep dwelling on how philosophy impacts the world.
The way that Kreeft highlights certain aspects of the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Similarion, blew me away I could not put my finger on what drew me deeper into those books until the deeper meanings were laid out for me The book has inspired me to delve deeper into Tolkien s works, and also the film adaptations of those works.
I would recommend this book to anybody who would like to know about philosophy OR would like to know about Tolkien s world I also recommend this book as an academic meditation on the Life of Christ.
Spoiler Like Socrates, Buddha, and Lao Tzu, Frodo did not see Christ, yet somehow beloved In the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing, there was light and beauty for ever beyond its reach J R R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings as quoted in The Philosophy of Tolkien I thought this book would examine Tolkien s work through a philosophical lens, but instead it was a device for the author to espouse his philosophical, political, and religious old school conservative catholic bemoaning big government for ignoring family, traditions, and the sanctity of life views through the use of a fantasy book which the author purports represents the truth The book is supported by ample evidence supporting this conceit as Tolkein believed fairy tails served this function and thought LOTR did as well Throughout the book the author spoke definitively about Christian te Where do I start In writing this book, Kreeft is intellectually dishonest, dismissive, and condescending, and he demonstrates exceedingly poor scholarship Normally I d keep a negative review like this to myself, but because Kreeft is a public figure and this is a book that people are likely to read and be influenced by in part because of Kreeft s position as a professor of philosophy at a notable college , I feel like it s important to add this review to the list Strap inMy criticisms First, the premise of the book is intellectually dishonest This is not a philosophy of Tokien It is the theology of Kreeft He does not present things as what Tokien believed , but rather presents certain claims as true and uses LOTR to prove the A nice little book that could serve as an introduction to philosophy On the whole, I think that reading this prior to rereading Tolkien s works will greatly enhance my understanding of the depth of the author s work If nothing else, it has increased my motivation to revisit Tolkien s works If I have one criticism of the book it is that Kreeft leans a little too heavily on his citations of C.
S Lewis In the introduction to the book he references the fact that G.
K Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc were so close, in personal friendship, in philosophical and religious beliefthat they were called the Chesterbelloc monster We could with equal reason speak of the Tolkienlewis monster Don t get me wrong, I think that Kreeft s premise is not without merit, but I still th

An interesting book which offers a different lense to Tolkien s view This book doesn t specifically talk about LOTR per se meaning it s not a direct complimentary book to LOTR , but it does offer nuggets of novel insights to approaching the characters of Tolkien and the world and environment in which he created and how these 2 components tie back to theology and philosophy.
5 stars for me as I have always been a big fan of Kreeft and I love how he writes with utter clarity without sacrificing the beautifully woven prose into the pages LOTR also has a deep place in my heart and as such, its no surprise I actually enjoyed this book This book has been on my reading wish list since it came out a few years ago I finally made time to read it, and I m so glad I did As Kreeft a Roman Catholic theologian and a professor of philosophy at Boston University points out in the introduction, The Lord of the Rings is widely considered the greatest book of the twentieth century, though not all literary critics agree Of course, I would certainly have to join the ranks of those showering accolades upon Tolkien s masterpiece This book is exactly what you might expect from its title a study of the philosophical themes and underlying worldview behind the story of LOTR Many authors have attempted similar books seeking to cash in on the story s popularity, but few have done it well Thankfully, Kreeft has given us an outstanding work that is both educational and enjoyable academical Peter J Kreeft s The Philosophy of Tolkien is a really good book While he uses this text to reaffirm his own belief in a Christian god, and these elves are not really Christian, we feel certain that his conclusions are an accurate reflection of Tolkien s own beliefs, for he was a Catholic Often, it seems to these elves that Mr Kreeft while appearing to use logic and reason for his affirmation of his Christian beliefs actually, at the last moment, does a sort of intellectual slight of hand and ends up with faith rather than fact for his final assertions However, that doesn t bother us at all Being lovers of Tolkien s works and having an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Religion we find this book quite well written and intriguing, even if it is not

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