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[Mark Mittelberg] Ä The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask [mills-and-boon PDF] Read Online Ä Great wee find this Finished Chapter 1 on God s existence Clear and readable Good companion to Questioning Evangelism Finished it all now A helpful book, with some great quotes and illustrations However, there are some parts which caused me difficulty, eg 1 He writes that God doesn t commit divine rape by forcing His love on anyone against their will.
2 God went ahead with creation because he knew that some of us would choose to follow Him.
3 His chapter on homosexuality assumes some people will have a homosexual orientation without really addressing why.
4 He appears to place the indwelling of the Spirit in a person AFTER they receive Christ conversion.
5 He seems to be saying that only a capricious deity would send people to hell, and that people actually co Mark Mittelberg s book, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask with Answers , is a helpful manual for addressing many of the tough challenges posed to biblical faith Based on a survey of one thousand self proclaimed Christians, the book looks into the leading ten objections the faithful fear they may hear from others Such objections include belief in God, science v religion, hang ups with abortion and homosexual practice, the reliability of the Bible, and so forth Mittelberg does an outstanding job of providing thoughtful, well researched, and pertinent arguments in defense of Christianity He doesn t stop at that point, however His last chapter is devoted to helping believers take the initiative in posing some questions of their own, that is, assisting them to move from defense to offense without being offensive.
Mittelberg is careful throughout the boo Solid on the basicsA good resource to get people started in defending the faith Written in a very conversational tone and easy to understand.
The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask by Mark Mittleberg The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask is an apologetics book that attempts to provide answers to difficult questions regarding faith Author Mark Mittleberg makes a faith based attempt to respond to some thought provoking questions of today Are his answers satisfactory Find out what this freethinking reviewer has to say This 350 page book is composed of ten chapters that cover a wide spectrum of inquiries.
Positives 1 Generally well written and pleasant conversational tone used throughout 2 Accessible book ideal for the masses 3 The author does inject some humor into his prose 4 I like the format of the book Each chapter begins with the question that will be answered At the end of each chapter it provides a summary of the question and answer Plus thought provoking questions and recommendation on how t We read this book as a group in our Men s Bible Study It provides a very interesting perspective for Christians who are not sure how to answer questions from those sceptical of Christians or unbelievers The questions included in the book are the most asked questions based on a national poll conducted by The Barna Group Mark Mittleberg, the author did a huge amount of research before putting the book together It includes discussion questions on each topic to assist group leaders who use the book in studies It is interesting and enlightening reading for both Christians and non Christians or unbelievers.
I started reading it under the impression that it could help me a Hindu in understanding the border aspects of Christianity Mark Mittelberg, however provides the narrowest possible solutions to the 10 foremost questions that Christians often ask about their own religion He tries to teach fellow Christians how straitjacketed one could possibly be and glosses over many questions, especially those concerning evil, hell and freedom from miseries In the end the book fails to a satisfactorily address almost all the questions.
In his conservative quest Mark doesn t forget take a few jibes at other religions, especially Hinduism, his favorite stoning pillar He admits religions like Hinduism speaks a few good things, but not the correct things For example, Hinduism doesn t admit that Christ is the only way and other sundry propositions He has difficulty with an impersonal Hindu Go Retailers Choice Award Winner Why Are Christians Against Same Sex People Getting Married Why Do You Believe God Exists At All Why Would God Allow Evil And Suffering Why Trust The Bible When It S Full Of Mistakes How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell What Makes You Think Jesus Was Than Just A Good Teacher Why Are Christians So Judgmental Some Questions Can Stop A Conversation Today, Than Ever, People Are Raising Difficult, Penetrating Questions About Faith, God, And The Bible Based On An Exclusive New Barna Survey Of , Christians, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask Presents Compelling, Easy To Grasp Answers To Ten Of The Most Troubling Questions Facing Christians Today These Include Everything From The Existence Of Heaven To The Issues Of Abortion And Homosexuality, As Well As The Question Of Whether Evolution Eliminates Our Need For A God A faith that works where the rubber meets the road.
Not an intellectual mind stretch by any means but a great place to start learning on a practical level how to answer some potentially conversation or witness effort ending questions Good references for deeper study Recommend this to anyone serious about sharing their faith in a winsome manner.
Not really a fan of the title In my opinion, all of these questions aren t ones that Christians hope no one will ask This book was okay.
some good, some not so good.
Excellent Thoughtfully composed and structured, highly informative and balanced, taking the time to respectfully acknowledge and address counterpoints Fantastic resource

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