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[ Pdf The Relevance of Islamic Identity in Canada õ androgyne PDF ] by Nurjehan Aziz Æ The Contributors To This Volume Examine, From Different Perspectives, The Relevance Of An Islamic Identity In Canada Does An Islamic Identity Make Sense In A Secular Country What Does It Encompass How Does It Relate To National, Racial, And Ethnic Identities Doesn T It Draw A Curtain Between Itself And The Rest Of A Secular Nation Does Not This Identity In Fact Give Rise To The Perception Of The Muslim As The Other And To Suspicions Of Non Patriotism, Subversion, Etc Is There Really A Single Islamic Culture Doesn T Islamic Identity Necessarily Erase Historical Memory And Culture Shouldn T Religious Faith Be Something Private, In A Secular Country, In The Sense That We Don T Ask Our Neighbours Or Workmates What Faith They Belong To CONTRIBUTORS Mohamed Alibhai PhD Harvard, Former Editor Islam In America Karim H Karim Carleton University Monia Mazigh Author, Mirrors And Mirages Asma Sayed MacEwan University , Haroon Siddiqui The Toronto Star , Sunera Thobani University Of British Columbia , And Others

This book promises to showcase various perspectives on what it means to be Muslim in Canada and to discuss its relevance I was disappointed when I realized that that is not the case In this book you will find essays written by individuals who may define themselves as Muslim one of them being an agnostic really In a book that discusses Muslim identity , but do not represent mainstream Muslim thought in Canada While I found reading the various points of view interesting, this book failed to provide a real discussion on what it means to be Muslim in Canada I did, however, appreciate the discussions on islamophobia and thought it was well articulated and timely.
The post 9 11 anti Islam bigotry, the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ISIL , the 2015 niq b debate, Quebec s Islamophobia, the curtailing of Islamic cultural practices and structures in Canadian cities all of these are some of the important issues that are mentioned and well discussed in the essays in this book However, the open ended nature of the essays may simply leave the reader unfulfilled.
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