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ò Read æ The Riddle Club in Camp by Alice Dale Hardy Ë Summer Has Begun, And The Riddle Club Leaves For A Camping Trip At Lake Bassing As Luck Would Have It, Carrie Pepper And The Conundrum Club Also Depart For Lake Bassing The Conundrum Club Causes Problems From The Start The Members Fail To Plan Ahead And Try To Bring All Of Their Baggage On The Boat When The Conundrum Club Must Leave Their Things Behind, They Borrow Much Of What They Need From The Riddle Club The Conundrum Club Camps On A Nearby Island When The Riddle Club Visits Conundrum Camp, They Feel Bad Because The Conundrum Club Has Nicer Tents With Windows After Thinking Things Over Later, The Riddle Club Realizes That They Are Perfectly Happy With Their Own Camp The Riddle Club Makes Friends With Dick Hare, Who Operates A Taxi Between The Nearby Town And The Lake Dick Is Invited To A Riddle Club Meeting Along With The Children S Mothers, And All Of The Adults Enjoy The Meeting Immensely The Parents Plan To Ask The Riddle Club Difficult Riddles At The Next Meeting, And The Riddle Club Members Study Hard Meanwhile, The Children Meet A Strange Hermit Who Lives On A Nearby Island The Man Dresses Oddly And Thinks Everyone Ought To Know Who He Is The Riddle Club Members Hope That They Can Learn Who This Man Is And What His Secret Is

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