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[ Read Online Rise of Respectable Society: A Social History of Victorian Britain, 1830-1900 º death PDF ] by Francis Michael Longstreth Thompson µ One Of England S Grand Masters Of History Provides A Clear And Persuasive Interpretation Of The Creation Of Respectable Society In Victorian Britain Integrating A Vast Amount Of Research Previously Hidden In Obscure Or Academic Journals, He Covers Not Only The Economy, Social Structure, And Patterns Of Authority, But Also Marriage And The Family, Childhood, Homes And Houses, Work And PlayByThe Structure Of British Society Had Become Orderly And Well Defined Than It Had Been In The S And S, But The Result, Thompson Shows, Was Fragmentation Into A Multiplicity Of Sections Or Classes With Differing Standards And Notions Of Respectability Each Group Operated Its Own Social Controls, Based On What It Considered Acceptable Or Unacceptable Conduct This Internalized And Diversified Respectability Was Not The Cohesive Force Its Middle Class And Evangelical Proponents Had Envisioned The Victorian Experience Thus Bequeathed Structural Problems, Identity Problems, And Authority Problems To The Twentieth Century, With Which Britain Is Grappling Mostly this books goes through the things that people tend to think of as being characteristic of Victorian Britain the rise of the factory, urbanization, the working class, prudishness and shows how they werecomplicated less complete less homogeneous than might be assumed In general this is the sort of thing I like a book to do, but oh god, I do wonder at times what possessed me to want to know about the rate at which the cotton industry became entirely factory based as compared to wool On the other hand, the author applies the exact samethoroughness to areas such as family planning and prostitution, so I suppose there s a little something for everyone.

This is a thought provoking book Thompson doesn t go for the easy answer when looking for causes and correlating facts For example, he discusses at length the reasons that might have contributed to a falling birth rate in Victorian Britain and comes right out and identifies many traditionally given causes as ridiculous Okay, he spolite in the terminology, but you are not left to guess what it is he thinks He provides a wealth of statistics, and then uses them to demonstrate some point although the reader is certainly free to reach a different conclusion I would not recommend this book to a reader approaching Victorian history for the first time You do need to know a bit of real history in order to make sense of Thompson s statistics, discussions and conclusions But for those who have some background in Victorian history, this work p The Rise of Respectable Society is a book on Victorian social history Unfortunately it throws the reader straight into the depth of information I would have really appreciated an introductory chapter on the politics of this era in British history There are also a lot of what I would call auxiliary information which distracted me to some extent from tracing theimportant aspects of this era s social history I found myself in an intense process of sifting throughout most of the book The effort demonstrated by the author however is immense, and it would have been an undoubtedly spledid book if the intensity of the research done was on par with its enormity.

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