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[Brian Jacques] ½ The Rogue Crew [accra PDF] Read Online ↠´ Sadly, I finish this book It is Brian Jacques last book It was a good book to end on All the old groups are back Long Patrol, Shrews, Redwallers along with meeting The Rogue Crew, which are sea otters All going after the vermin who travel by ship The ship also has wheels, so it can sail over land Of course, Martin the Warrior is still helping the Redwallers come out victorious Now, I have to say a word about Brian Jacques THE BEST STORYTELLER THAT EVER LIVED I can picture him in Heaven, telling the tales of the Redwall Abbey and all the creatures, great and small I can see my Great Grandma Maggie sitting with Brian, listening to these tales and hanging on to every word Then she will tell some Cherokee stories to him Thank you Brian for giving so m read on for a nostalgia driven appreciation of the Redwall series No real review here.
A few weeks ago, I was looking for a series of books to read Something about how and what I was reading made me want to start something new My wife and I are rereading through Harry Potter, which might have something to do with it In my search for a series, I learned that I had read every Redwall book, except the last one I was 21 for 22 and I couldn t leave something unfinished that was so close to being completed What s , these books were what I read through middle school and high school I unironically read them later than I m willing to admit Of the 22, I read a good number of them three times and almost all of them at least twice I remember the classmate who introduced me to them in sixth grade and when he recommended his current favorite The Legend of Luke I read them on the b Redwall Abbey Has Never Seen A Creature Evil Or Hideous Than Razzid Wearat Captain Of The Greenshroud, A Ship With Wheels That Can Sail Through Water As Well As The Forest, This Beast Is A Terror Of Both Land And Sea, Traveling Mossflower Country, Killing Nearly Everything And Everyone In His Path And His Goal To Conquer Redwall Abbey From Salamandastron To The High North Coast, The Brave Hares Of The Long Patrol Team Up With The Fearless Sea Otters Of The Rogue Crew To Form A Pack So Tough, So Rough, Only They Can Defend The Abbey And Defeat Razzid Wearat Once And For All The Land of Dreams, that mystical realm, where the oddest of visions appear, come wander through scenes of joyful peace, or stampede through nightmares of fear Dare we open those secret doors, down dusty paths of mind, in long forgotten corners, what memories we ll find Who rules o er the Kingdom of Night, where all is not what it seems Tis I, the Weaver of Tales, for I am the Dreamer of Dreams from The Rogue Crew A twenty second Redwall novel Brian Jacques wasn t done telling stories before The Rogue Crew hit bookstores in 2011, three months after he passed away from a heart attack The Redwall series had been active for twenty five years and was nowhere near as spry as the halcyon days of Mattimeo, Martin the Warrior, and The Bellmaker, but Brian Jacques s grasp of picturesque language stayed with him t Looking back, I see how much Redwall has grown, just as I have Three years of reading these epic tales has brought me here I have no regrets.
Pretty good, eh Yes, I do believe it is Actually, this Redwall book was extremely enjoyable Why Well it had a very decent plot, quite fair characters, and not a small amount of good ole dialect So, pretty much the usual Redwall fare, but yet it was a little different than some, another reason why it was so fine.
After about 20 years of reading the Redwall books as they ve been published, it was pretty bittersweet to pick up this knowing it was the final book Brian Jacques wrote, and also knowing that the magic from this series really was gone years ago.
This suffers from a lot of the problems the second half of the series does recycled character types and plots, but with different faces and names While there were some interesting new ideas in here a ship with wheels that could go over the land, as well as sail it didn t really feel fresh at all.
But, I can admire his ability to write such vivid scenes and details the songs and descriptions of feasts were always one of my favorite parts in these books, and in that this didn t disappoint I skimmed over a lot of the rest, since as I was reading I just wasn t feeling it and wanted to just see how everything panned out.
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My Niece asked me last week for Authors of children s books for her daughter being as I had turned her onto reading she wanted the same love of reading for her daughter Well of course I had an Authors list for since I enjoy going back in time my self, so I listed Erin Hunter, Kathryn Lasky, M.
I McAllister, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez as well as Richard Adams, S.
D Smith and Brian Jacques Then I got to thinking, Hey I have a Redwall novel on my shelf I haven t read yet, so I grabbed the book and started my journey to Redwall Abbey where all the little critters gather This journey turned out to be just as exciting as the previous books in the series where new friends are made and new Heroes are born So if you have young people in your lives and they haven t been introduced to the Abbot of Redwall and his friends, now is a good time.
I m not going to lie, I got a little teary when I was reading the last page It s the unfortunate end to a series that I have followed for nearly 15 years In a way, it was a decent book to end with because the Redwallers, Guosim, Long Patrol and Badger Lady all made an appearance There were a couple of other groups added to the mix as well and it works I ll miss waiting for the next book, which is something I ve done for years It s too bad that he didn t get to end the series how he wanted Oh well Brian Jacques will always be one of my favorite authors I ll always look forward to rereading my favorites.
Eulalia The Rogue Crew is the 22nd book in the Redwall Abbey series of fantasy novels by Brian Jacques The one main objection to these stories that I have heard, even from some homeschoolers, is that they are not specifically Christian fantasy, like the Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis At the same time, I would reply that they are definitely NOT anti Christian fantasy like books of Philip Pulliam, nor even occultic fantasy like Harry Potter, and the fact is that they are definitely representative of a general Biblical worldview, as is clear from a 2003 interview of Jacques by Susan Olasky in World Magazine Jacques said, In all of my books there is a struggle between the Dark and the Light Of course, the Light always wins I try to emphasize the importance of family, of community, of the goals that can be ach

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