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[Valentina Cano] Ö The Rose Master [m-m-romance PDF] Read Online ☆ The day I turned seventeen, birds fell from the sky A flock of them seemed to cross an invisible line, a boundary of packed winter breezes that wrapped them up in a coat of ice, freezing whatever kernel of magic allowed them power over the air In great, like collapsing hair, they let out feathery sighs and gave in the fall Wonderful I cannot believe this story is not popular I enjoyed every singly second of my read The writing is mesmerizing and the story enticing.
Anne is a servant, working for Lady Caldwell, like her mother did before her But, one day, she is sent to this mysterious and quiet master living in Rosewood Manor When she arrives, the place appears to her as one who hasn t held occupants for a while It s dusty, dark a Recieved an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewSee my blog post and my stop on the blog tour here novels always held a mysterious part on my selves The Rose Master was my first book of the genre and I was not disappointed Emotional, deep in Victorian style as also the mystery of both the Lord and the manor, the author manages to capture both the sense of the era and the characters struggles.
We have Anne She is a young servant who is sent to work at Roesewood Manor Despite the secrets which lurk, literally on every corner, she is strong, confident on her work as also shy I liked her witty attitude and the way her feelings envolved during the passing of the plot.
Then, it s Lord Grey His name matches the mood, since he is a fine example of a to I just wrote a crazy long review for this book and then GoodReads deleted the entire thing I m so sad now The Rose Master is a lush and dark reimagining of Beauty and the Beast Anne is removed from the only family and home that she has ever known and sent into a dark and creepy mansion to act as the new servant The house is occupied by three other servants and the lord of the castle, Lord Grey He is mysterious, aloof, and unapproachable He prefers it this way He wallows in solitude and loneliness Wears it like a heavy cloak.
Anne is no better She has been alone for so long that she no longer looks for people in the world When she is sent to a new home, she feels like she has been traded like a horse Her life does not mean much to the rich The day I turned seventeen, birds fell from the sky A flock of them seemed to cross an invisible line, a boundary of packed winter bree

Where do I start This book is amazing A blend of Gothic literature and fairy tale with a splash of horror, it can best be described as Beauty and the Beast meets Jane Eyre And since those are two of my all time most beloved stories, it s no surprise that I fell hard for this one.
The Rose Master starts with Anne, a parlor maid in a prominent London estate, being surrounded by falling birds But that s only the beginning of the strange events that mark her seventeenth birthday She s soon summoned by Lady Caldwell and informed that she s being shipped off to one of Lady Caldwell s distant relations in the middle of nowhere Dismissed from the home she s grown up in and torn away from the servants she views as family, Anne has no choice but to embark on the journey to Rosewood Manor.
She can tell instantly that there s something wrong with the place Sil Jane Eyre meets Beauty and the Beast with a horrifying, supernatural twist in the YA Historical Fiction Horror novel The Rose Master We urge you to read TRM with the lights on night OR day A little bit of romance with a lot of spooky can you handle it I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.
When author Valentina Cano asked for reviews on her debut novel The Rose Master at one of the goodreads book review goodreads groups I was in, I told her that I would be happy to read and review this book for her as it looked to be an interesting read so we got in contact and she sent it to me.
Here is what The Rose Master is about On Anne Tinning s 17th birthday weird and mysterious things begin to happen moths and crows die at her feet Her employer then informs her that her services at Caldwell House are at an end and she will be transferring to become a parlor maid at a distant relative of hers at Rosewood manor Leaving behind her friend Elsie, Anne packs her things and travels to the mysterious and haunted estate that is Rosewood manor Can Anne survive at Rosewood Manor with her life and stop whatever p Where to begin Firstly, the cover beautiful, yet scary.
Secondly, or should this be my first point, the writing Amazing.
I loved The Rose Master every single word.
There is no doubt in my mind that this is my favourite read so far this year Cano created characters that not only sprung to life but danced continually before my eyes I can t say too much without giving away spoilers, but Cano managed to scare me with the scenes she wrote, as well as entrance me with the beauty of her words She has a clear concise way of writing that provokes intense emotion, and a complete understanding of what she wants the reader to experience.
I am confident that this book will remain one of my all time favourites and I ll read it several times The only thing I have to complain a The Day Anne Tinning Turns Seventeen, Birds Fall From The Sky But That S Hardly The Most Upsetting News She S Being Dismissed From The Home She S Served At Since She Was A Child, And Shipped Off To Become The Newly Hired Parlor Maid For A Place She S Never Heard Of And When She Sees The Run Down, Isolated House, She Instantly Knows Why There S Something Wrong With Rosewood Manor Staffed With Only Three Other Servants, All Gripped By Icy Silence And Inexplicable Bruises, And Inhabited By A Young Master Who Is As Cold As The Place Itself, The House Is Shrouded In Neglect And Thick With Fear Her Questions Are Met With Hushed Whispers, And She Soon Finds Herself Alone In The Empty Halls, Left To Tidy And Clean Rooms No One Visits As The Feeling Of Being Watched Grows, She Begins To Realize There Is Something Else In The House With Them Some Creature That Stalks The Frozen Halls And Claws At Her Door A Creature That Seems Intent On Harming Her When A Fire Leaves Anne Trapped In The Manor With Its Master, She Finally Demands To Know Why But As She Forces The Truth About What Haunts The Grounds From Lord Grey, She Learns Secrets She Isn T Prepared For The Creature Is Very Real, And She S The Only One Who Can Help Him Stop It Now, Anne Must Either Risk Her Life For The Young Man She S Grown To Admire, Or Abandon Her Post While She Still Can What can I say than I absolutely adore this book The voice and descriptions are so perfect to the period, bringing this story to life Cano s writing is simply gorgeous I could read her descriptions over and over again, and never tire of them The slow blooming and reluctant love story is so refreshing, and the tension practically drips from pages Rose Master is one of my favorite reads this year, and I eagerly await Cano s next book, whatever it may be 4.
5 5 starsOn the half frozen pane were dozens of moths, their muslin wings extended in paused flight, their impassive faces staring at me I d never seen so many before, their spun sugar bodies covering every inch of the glass My review This was such a deliciously creepy little story At 200 pages, I flew through the entire book in the matter of a day At the end I was definitely left wanting not because the story came to a poor conclusion, but because I wanted to read about the characters and plot that had so intrigued me The reason I enjoyed this book the most was the writing it was absolutely lyrical There were many times that I stopped to reread a description so that I could hang onto the beautiful words for just a moment longerAnd then, there were the rose

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