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5 starsA comedy was the required November reading challenge I have going with a friend of mine I m not sure if The Rose Revived can be classed as a comedy as there were no laugh out loud funny bits however it was still entertaining and contained a tiny dash of wit to make one smile This is the first book I ve read by this author, possibly in the future I might try another of Katie Fforde s books.
Three and a half stars.
Three young women apply for a job with a new cleaning company, to their surprise the three of them are employed rather than the clearlyqualified older women who were also in the running, the shifty looking boss of the cleaning company says he is looking for quality, classy women to clean for his classy clientele.
May is desperate for money after her boyfriend left her owing thousands of pounds for the mooring fees on her barge, if she can t pay them quickly the site manager will seize her barge and sell it to recoup his fees.
Harriet has run away from her overbearing grandparents who have treated her like a servant, she is actually very good at cleaning and cooking, having done both to her grandmother s exacting standards She has come to London because she is an artist and she is desperate for an opportunity to learn how to paint She is also a I have been rather disappointed by some of Katie srecent books, but this one written a few years ago, is vintage Katie full of likeable characters, realistic settings, happy endings and good humour It is exactly what you need for a short escape into a world where problems are resolved and the journey is pleasurable and entertaining She is a master of this romance genre and I was pleased to discover one of her books that I had not already read Sometime, I just want a truly relaxing and entertaining escape and this hits the spot for providing a short, sweet shot of glorious romance It is of course unrealistic and predictable but I don t care

Although all Katie Fforde s books follow the same formula I continue to read and enjoy them Girl has a problem, encounters a man she cannot stand, he helps her, they fight have misunderstandings and eventually fall in love She even solves her problem A totally enjoyable reading experience This time May needs money to save her boat, Harriet needs to make a place for her son and be able to study art, and Sally the aspiring actress wants to feel secure They sign up to work for Quality Cleaners without reading the contract and of course, they are being taken to the cleaners They decide to set up their own cleaning business It turns into a small success but along the way the girls get side tracked.
In The Rose Revived, talented author, Katie Fforde took three hard up young women, three men they fancy and a narrowboat called The Rose then mixed them together with many other memorable characters to make a magic brew.
May is desperate to earn the money to pay The Rose s mooring fees which she unwittingly inherited Talented artist, Harriet, escapes from drudgery in her grandparents house to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.
Out of work, Sally, an actress is trying to find the courage to leave Victor, who has not only become a petty minded tyrant but also saps her self esteem.
May, Harriet and Sally fail to read the contracts they sign with Slimeball Slater, who offered substantial wages for those working for his company Quality Cleaners Cheated by him, the three young women set up their own cleaning business despite Slimebal This book was pretty standard Katie Fforde fare There s a happy, if somewhat rushed, ending which I m always pleased about and the pace of the story trundles along quite happily so that you don t get so bored A couple of issues niggled at me slightly when reading it though No matter how quirky or scatterbrained you are, you don t randomly decide when in a stranger s house that you re going to use their shower It s weird and quite frankly you d be lucky if they didn t toss you out on the street naked while calling the police if you did That was a moment in the story where I almost stopped reading just because I couldn t believe some of the main character s behaviour Other things included forcibly inviting yourself to stay at someone s house for the weekend and not calling the police when you ve been threatened and your property vandalised by thugs Incidents like these actually It s d j vu all over again No, wait, it s just another formulaic novel from Katie Fforde.
Three women meet at an interview for a cleaning job All three women, who are as different as different can be, are hired by Quality Cleaners They are May, the boat dweller in need of some fast cash Sally, the out of work actress and Harriet, the aspiring artist.
They become fast friends and soon discover that Quality Cleaners is not a quality operation They decide to quit and form their own cleaning company.
And, yes, along the way, each woman meets a man and falls in love, etc Same darn structure as the last Fforde novel I read Exactly.
Love Is In The Air A Wonderfully Romantic Novel From The NoSunday Times Bestselling Author Of Recipe For Love, A French Affair AndThe Perfect MatchIf May, Sally And Harriet Didn T Need The Money So Badly, They Definitely Wouldn T Be Working For Slimeball Slater At Quality Cleaners So When They Discover It S Slimeball Taking Them To The Cleaners, They Decide To Set Up Their Own Business And That S When Things Really Start To Take OffWorking For Themselves Gives Them The Freedom And Independence They Ve Been Longing For May Can Afford The Mooring Fees For Her Beloved Narrowboat Harriet Discovers A True Gift For Painting And Sally S Dream Of A Place Of Her Own Is Fast Becoming Reality But Is It Too Much, Having Made Such A Success Of Their Working Lives, To Expect Similar Success In Their Romantic Ones Light easy read Three young women meet up at an interview and the story follows the three of them as they meet their men Quite predictable, but funny, with good characters and quite a different storyline Very different from my normal crime novels but I enjoyed it I have read a few of Katie Fforde s novels and all are completely different with very different settings.
This is the book equivalent of jam roly poly it s not going to change the way you think about the human condition but it s warm and sweet and comfortingly British I will note that even in Britain, I m fairly certain people in the 90 s weren t all going around a saying Golly and b turning out to have close relations in the peerage Although golly, wouldn t it be nice.

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