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[ Pdf The Secrets of Blood and Bone (Jackdaw Hammond #2) è anime PDF ] by Rebecca Alexander î In The Stunning Follow Up To The Secrets Of Life And Death, Rebecca Alexander Has Created A Gripping Supernatural Thriller That Bridges Time, Legend And The Power Of BloodFollowing Her Showdown With Elizabeth Bathory, Jackdaw Hammond Is Running From Her Past, Hiding From Her Future, And Hoping To Contain Her Newfound Thirst For Blood Buying An Overgrown Home In The Middle Of Nowhere Seems Like The Perfect Place To Escape At Least Until She Finds Herself In The Sights Of A Murderous Family With A Terrible Secret And A Penchant For Dark Magic Meanwhile, Her Old Ally Felix Guichard Has Gone To New Orleans To Conduct His Own Investigation Into The Nature Of Blood Magic, But Is Soon Sucked Into The Intrigues Of The City S Occult Underworld But Jack Will Need Felix Than She Knows, For The Battle For Her Soul Is Set To BeginHer Only Salvation May Lie With The Secrets Of Th Century Master Occultist Edward Kelley, And A Dangerous Mission He Undertook In Venice To Confront The Inquisition, The Darkest Deeds Of His Own Past, And The Fearsome Power Of Elizabeth Bathory I picked this up solely due to its title knowing nothing about the author or the book itself What I didn t realize it s a sequel If you re interested, I recommend starting with the first one, The Secrets of Life and Death A great deal of this book deals with past events, and I think having read the first one would really have helped.
The novel alternates between two different stories In the first, set in the present day, in England s rural Lakes District, two women have come to renovate a witch s cottage in which the witch was recently burned to death The two women themselves may have magical or supernatural qualities, but they re also very human characters, dealing with an odd and possibly dangerous situation.
The second is set in 16th century Venice, deals with the historical Edward Kelley, the notorious English occultist alchemist, a co I received a copy of this novel through Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review I had quite liked the first book in this series, but I didn t enjoy this one as much Perhaps because the pacing felt too slow, and the book to long for what it had to say Either it would have worked better as a shorter read, or it would have deserved to be expanded on, developed.
The format pretty much follows the same one as in the first book, interspersing the contemporary plot with one involving Edward Kelley again this time in Venice, where he s looking for information for the Dannick family, not realising he s about to stumble upon another, dangerous family, as well as meet old acquaintances of the not so pleasant kind The Dannicks in turn play a part in Jack s and Sadie s lives, too, as the two girls set into the cottage of a dead witch and gradually discov I received this book for free from Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Genre Historical, Paranormal Rating 3.
5 My Thoughts The Secrets of Blood and Bone is the second novel in the Jackdaw Hammond series Once again author Rebecca Alexander spins a story that takes place both in the 16th century with Edward Kelley 1596 , and in the present with Jack, Sadie, Felix, and Maggie Kelley s story actually takes place in Venice, Italy a full year after the end of his experiences dealing with Elizabeth Bathory Full Review Posted Gizmos Reviews 11 21 2015 September 1st 2015 by Broadway books This book was very confusing This book could not hold my attention I was not brought into the world in this book and I just did not finish it I received this book thru a giveaway with LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review Rebecca Alexander s second novel The Secrets of Blood and Bone is a lot like her first novel That s not necessarily a bad thing, but also not necessarily a good thing It continues with the simultaneous story of modern day Jackdaw Hammond with the 16thcentury story of Edward Kelley, again alternating chapters between the two time period I enjoyed the first book, but my main reservations were that I was interested in the chapters that dealt with Kelley and John Dee than I was with the modern chapters I also felt the modern day climax was fairly banal This second installment leaves me feeling about the same, but with the chapters flipped I enjoyed the modern day chapters much than the Kelley 16th century chapters This time around the replication of the alternating chapters felt unnecessary and not really adding much to the present It s not YOU, it s ME I am too old for YA I m afraid.
My Thoughts This is the second installment in the Jackdaw Hammond series by Victoria Alexander In this book there are two different stories being told at once One is set in the present time following a Jack.
This was slightly confusing Every other chapter is in a different time setting There are a lot of characters to follow The haracter development wasn t very strong so it was easy to forget who everyone was Present day, you have one girl, Jack, who was saved from death by magic struggling to understand what she has become as a result Another, Sadie, fighting for her life Both girls have some weird abilities, which, in my opinion, is really the only thing that saved the book The parts set in the past were bor Review copyRebecca Alexander is the author of The Secrets of Life and Death She has worked in the fields of psychology and education, and has an MA in Creative Writing She lives with her husband on the coast of England.
Jackdaw Hammond Jack calls herself a borrowed timer In The Secrets of Life and Death there was a near death experience with Elizabeth Bathory Jack is alive today only because of her friend, Felix Guichard, who willingly fed her his blood.
A good portion of the book is spent trying to learn what side effects may come with such a feeding Jack doesn t feel any different, but so much is still unknown At one point Felix meets with Madame Ivanova leading to this quote For those who have crossed over from mortal life, blood is energy, joy, warmth It is immortality After Ellen Ratcliff, the owner of Bee Cottage, dies tragically, Jack and fourteen year old Sadie move in Sadie This is a review based on both the first and second book in the series I went into these novels with a whole lot of excitement, as they re quite different from my normal fare, but looked fantastic Plus, because my writing has been veering in the adult direction and lately, I have been feeling remiss that I haven t been reading as widely in that area Anyhow, both books were intensely interesting, with a really fascinating slant on magic and both vampires and werewolves I rather liked the characters, especially Sadie, though Jackdaw who goes by Jack , always felt a step removed from the reader I still don t feel like I have a good sense of her personality or really anything beyond her condition Interwoven in both books is the story of Edward Kelley, while he either starts or is involved in some of origins of what Jack is facing in the modern portion of the book Thi

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