Download Epub Format ↠´ The Shakespeare Encyclopedia: The Complete Guide to the Man and His Works PDF by ï A.D. Cousins

Download Epub Format ↠´ The Shakespeare Encyclopedia: The Complete Guide to the Man and His Works PDF by ï A.D. Cousins I really enjoyed this It would be a great companion in the classroom when teaching Shakespeare The encyclopedia contains so much information about both Shakespeare s life and his plays, and includes historical information that even I didn t previously know Definitely plan on using this with students in the future.
A very enjoyable book to look at with paintings and photographs of the plays actors Lots and lots of information about the man, each play and the sonnets,than I could take in This will make a very good reference book for all things Shakespeare.
I fell in love with this book at my college library While writing my thesis on Shakespeare, I must have photo copied every page in this book since you could not take reference materials out of the library I bought the book right after a got an A on my thesis.

This book has information on all of Shakespeare s work as well as the man himself The articles are well written, interesting, and I enjoy reading books with pictures and this has lots of them, on every page I just wish sometimes the graphics are related to the article on the page I have a tendency to give away books I like, but I shall keep this one for a long time its a gift from my wife when I want to have an idea what the play is about before going to see it.
Great book to just flip through nice photos and good info I wouldn t necessarily call it essential reading, but it might make a really nice gift for a fan.
The author seems pretty pressed He insulted a lot of scholars scholarly work But this book is awesome, if only for the pictures.
A Beautifully Illustrated Reference That Provides A Deeper Understanding Of Shakespeare And His TimeSome Four Centuries After They Were Written, William Shakespeare S Plays And Poems Still Delight Audiences And Readers Worldwide, And Together Form One Of Our Cultural Touchstones The Profound Themes And Beautiful Language Speak To Us Across Time And Place, And The Story Of How A Boy From Rural England Became The Soul Of The Age Continues To IntrigueThe Shakespeare Encyclopedia Is An Authoritative, Visually Exciting, And Entertaining Guide To All Things Shakespeare, Explaining The Themes, Plots, And Contexts Of His Works, Their Literary And Cultural Significance, And Uncovering Some Of The Mystery Of The Man HimselfSumptuously Presented Reference To All Of Shakespeare S Plays And Poems Covers Both The Life And The Writings Of Shakespeare Contains Plot Summaries And Character Lists For Each Play Examines Every History, Comedy, Tragedy, And Romance In The Shakespeare Canon, Including The Lost Plays Explores Shakespeare S Poems And Sonnets, And The Themes, Allusions, And Imagery He Used Written By An International Team Of Shakespearean Scholars Illustrated With ThanFull Color Photographs, Artworks, Illustrations, Charts, And Diagrams Includes A Comprehensive Reference SectionIn His Many Plays, Poems, And Sonnets, William Shakespeare Crafted Perhaps The Most Accurate And Enduring Depictions Of Relationships, Politics, And The Human Condition Written In The English Language His Works Are read And Seen By Millions Around The World, And The Rich Language, Vividly Drawn Characters, Sparkling Poetry, And Perceptive Insights Into Human Truths Continue To Have A Profound Influence On Writers, Artists, And Filmmakers The Shakespeare Encyclopedia Is A Stimulating And Accessible Guide To All Of Shakespeare S Known Works, As Well As To The Man HimselfPart One Focuses On Shakespeare S Life, Placing Him Firmly In His Time, A Period Of Rapid Religious, Cultural, And Economic Change, And Reveals Why His Works Are So Universally AppealingPart Two Looks At Each Of HisPlays Every History, Comedy, Tragedy, And Romance, From The Well Known Hamlet, Othello, A Midsummer Night S Dream To The Obscure King John, Pericles, CymbelinePart Three Examines Shakespeare S Poetry, Both The Long Narrative Poems And The Sonnets Some Of The Best Loved Verse In The English LanguageThroughout This Volume, Text, Diagrams, And Images Combine To Enrich Our Understanding Of Shakespeare S Timeless Literary Creations Each Work S Themes, Imagery, Language, And Historical Context Are Examined And Discussed In Accessible Language, While Sidebars Give At A Glance Information On Plots, Characters, Sources, Settings, And Famous Quotations In Addition, Detailed Diagrams, Charts, And Tables Throw Light On The Plays Characters And Their Interrelationships, And Illustrate The True History Behind The Plots Finally, Carefully Selected Images Of Stage And Film Productions, From Different Cultures And Historical Periods, Convey The Drama, Pathos, And Humor That Suffuse Shakespeare S Works

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