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[ Pdf The Shapes of Midnight Î finnish-literature PDF ] by Joseph Payne Brennan Ô I received a digital copy of this classic collection for review from NetGalley Reading this anthology again was a nostalgic return to my youth I discovered Brennan and many other of the 20th century masters during the 1980s Included in this collection are ten of his best stories, including Diary of a Werewolf, The Pavilion, Disappearance, and the chilling The Horror at Chilton Castle The latter piece is remarkable for its evocation of a gothic atmosphere as well as an utterly visceral horror It s a story so disturbing that the great Ramsey Campbell included it in a collection of tales that, by his own admission, frightened even him See his anthology Fine Frights Another great inclusion is the somewhat Lovecraftian The Willow Platform, a personal favorite from my first discovery of Brennan all those years ago This collection of short horror stories by Joseph Payne Brennan would have had a lot historical significance if it had included all of the book s original stories Instead, the publisher opted to remove two of them, thereby making it an incomplete set Aside from that, Brennan s work provides an interesting time capsule of the horror writing style of the late 70s early 80s Stephen King once raved about this book, which actually seems really odd now since Brennan continuously broke King s rules for writing For instance in one sentence, Brennan somehow managed to cram three adverbs, passive voice, and showing instead of telling These qualities, combined with a bit of casual racism and the general vibe of telling scary stories around a campfire, really dates the book It was an Joseph Payne Brennan Is One Of The Most Effective Writers In The Horror Genre, And He Is Certainly One Of The Writers I Have Patterned My Own Career Upon, Declared Stephen King This New Edition Of An Increasingly Rare Compilation Presents Of Brennan S Most Chillingly Memorable Tales, Including Diary Of A Werewolf, The Horror At Chilton Castle, And Canavan S Back Yard Very quick read of very fun stories This author heavily influenced Stephen King s short stories.
Dover has reprinted 1980 s The Shapes of Midnight minus two stories.
1 Diary of a Werewolf A recovering New York heroin addict moves to Juniper Hill on the advice of his doctor for a little rest and relaxtion After moving into Hemlock House, he begins to keep a diary of his experiences in town He feels a strong disdain for the locals, but feels strangely drawn to the old woods near his new dwelling, and begins to feel the compulsion to run around on all fours and to kill Soon he becomes convinced he is a werewolf, and begins to prey on the inhabitants of Juniper Hill, all while trying to learn about his condition, real or imagined, and stay one step ahead of county lawman Sheriff Macelin and his men.
2 The Corpse of Charlie Rull Homeless man Charlie Rull suffers a fatal heart attack and falls into a swampy pond Ordinarily, that would ve been the end of his story But fate, in the The Shapes of Midnight is a horror collection by Joseph Payne Brennan originally released in 1980, to be re released this year by Dover Publications The Dover version collects ten of his best tales, which range from explorations of madness Diary of a Werewolf , The Impulse to Kill , to the shifting nature of time House of Memory , The House on Hazel Street.
Easily readable in a single sitting, this collection is sufficiently disturbing, albeit leaning a bit towards prose and structure somewhat geared to the younger horror reader The influences are right up front as well for horror fans the Lovecraftian nature of The Willow Platform and The Horror at Chilton Castle , Poe style unreliable narrators in Diary of a Werewolf and The Impulse to Kill , even an appearance of an Algernon Blackwood esque Wendigo Regardless, this is a fun way to spend a couple of hours and get I received an ARC of this book thanks to Net Galley and publisher Dover Publications in exchange for an honest review.
Horror anthologies can be so hit or miss for me I tend to avoid collections published by one author unless I know their work because I have specific tastes for horror and I dislike the ambiguous short stories the genre often results in I made an exception for The Shapes of Midnight and I am so glad I did This is a VERY short collection 100 pages of horror stories which are mostly basic in concept but are executed really well The first two were my least favourite and the most straightforward of the bunch but it was all uphill from there If you could plot my ratings of these on a graph, it would almost be a perfect bell curve because I felt the middle stories were definitely the strongest My Kindle ARC was sadly missing two stories Canavan s Back Yard and Slime which might The Shapes of Midnight by Joseph Payne BrennanI went into this book blind I did not know who the author was, or when the book was written, only that the cover looked interesting and it was in one of my favorite genres the horror anthology I am very glad that I did, because it was like some kind of mirror into my own reading history.
In the afterword, there is a quote from Stephen King that calls Brennan one of the most effective writers in the horror genre and I have to agree Not because of the actual chills in the stories honestly, I didn t find that many but because of the obvious influence he had on the genre, particularly Stephen King himself Reading the book, unaware of the history behind it, I felt mys

Stephen King introduction Stephen King recommended book Noted as important to the genre we have been discussing from Danse Macabre.
King said Slime is a wonderful novella It is included in this compilation 10 22 12 It is a darned shame that this anthology is out of print Except for one story, I thought that all the stories were remarkably well written and imaginative I had to pay an arm and a leg for a used copy of this from The Stephen King introduction is a hoot, especially since it was written in 1979 when King was still coming up in the world If you can get your hands on a copy of this book, it is well worth the read.
Is that a rendition of Uncle Stevie on the cover Another Short Story collection, with an introduction and praises by Stephen King I did enjoy it, although I found some Horror able than others

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