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[ Read Online The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street ☆ roman PDF ] by Shabnam Minwalla ì A delightful children s read With conspiring children, villainous neighbors, magical salesmen, mysterious columnists and a gripping plot this beauty is going to keep you hooked.
Every person who grew up in Mumbai will relate to this book We have all probably grown up with these characters as our neighbours in our residential buildings Be it the abominable Ms Bragunjha or the perennial conspirator Mrs Kotadia, I loved putting myself in each character s shoes and living it fully The language is simple, crisp, and has doses of subtle humor It is one of the most delightful books I have read in a long time It s like a happy sunshine Most importantly, it s written by Shabnam, who is an amazing wordsmith and a wonderful children s author.

Best book.
Good fantasy.
I love this book Akshit Jain 9th Mind Tree School,AmbalaIt is an excellent work of Shabnam Minwalla.
The story is narrated from the point of view of a girl who has just arrived to a society full of weird neighbours and strict rules and obligations.
But with the arrival of the girl Nivi, things start to change The innumerable steps planned and executed by Nivi and her gang to save the Bimbli trees makes the story very interesting.
The several twists and turns, touching highs and lows in the story made me enjoy the story even.
The characters in the story are so realistic that anyone can relate or connect to them in a fraction of second.
All in all, it is a book that I would recommend to everyone for its nice, easy, crispy and veristic writing style and ent Harry Potter type Sometimes The Forces Of Evil Are So Dark That No Single Spell Can Defeat Them Cosy Castle Is Far From Cosy In Fact, It Is A Boxy, Grey Building Where Children Walk On Tippy Toes From Fear Of The Dreadful Dragon And The Crotchety Crone With Nivi Mallik S Arrival At Cosy Castle, The Rules Start To Change The Bimbli Trees Become The Hang Out Spot For Two Giggly Girls And The Driveway Is A Permanent Cricket Pitch For The Boys But The Happy Times Are Soon Ended By The Dragon And The Crone , Who Gang Up Against The Children And Declare War On The Bimbli Trees It Will Take A Miracle To Challenge The Two Wily Women, Leave Alone Defeat Them But Miracles Happen Only In Fairy Tales Or Do They Is It Possible For Fantasyfan Nivi, Geeky Boy Next Door Venu, Bubbly Sarita And Their Three Pint Sized Comrades, Nikhil, Vijay And Rehaan, To Conquer An Evil Much Beyond Their Power Join The Six Imaginative Spellmakers As They Use A Very Practical Kind Of Magic To Conjure Potent Potions, Summon Unlikely Fairies And Engineer A HauntingDoes Cosy Castle Finally Become What It S Called Make Your Way To Dorabji Street And Find Out

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