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[ Read Online The Sixth Power ✓ cozy-mystery PDF ] by Carol Nicolas º While this is a YA novel, it doesn t fully feel like it If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, you ll probably enjoy this because the secret carried throughout this book is a riddle of sorts from that book I am also left chanting, sequel, sequel because you are left with some loose ends and a big of a cliff hanger at the very end Tania has had a life full of loss her mother died in an accident and her brother died of an apparent suicide But all is not as it seems and that goes with everyone around her She is quickly realizing that she s not really a normal kid and things are happening all around her that puts her life in jeopardy Her very much in denial father takes her to Arizona where she meets Dan She pretty much falls for Dan but he also opens her eyes to things she s always suspected but are being I was so disappointed by this book that I cannot even begin to properly explain it When I first started reading The Sixth Power, I admit that I had no clue what I m walking into, just that it involves super powers and genetic research We all know how many books comics, both good and bad, have attempted that kind of plot recipe before with a myriad of varying results, so I was wondering what would make this book stand out from the rest.
Nothing made this book stand out In fact, I can name a handful of things that makes it sink under First off, the writing I ve read better, I ve read worse, but this one is just not good enough Writing is kind of a tough industry to infiltrate, knowing that there are a lot of brilliant and promising authors out there vying for the readers attention, so for an author to stand above the rest, they should be able to comp The Sixth Power is a book about good vs evil Knowledge is power, and El Calavera, the book s main antagonist, believes that one of the most powerful discoveries that can change the world is in the mind of Tania Westing, a high school senior Tania Westing is one of the Gifted Ones with the ability to heal other people, but she has always lived an ordinary life up until the moment she met a man named Dan Maclean After she realizes that her life is in grave danger, she faces one challenge to another, determined to protect her family and friends from the people who would do anything to get to her.
Overall a good read Quick and fun The book reminded me of a typical Disney movie with a good versus evil plot where magical powers are involved The stor I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side Firstly I would like to thank Carol Nicolas, author of The Sixth Power for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book I loved the main character Tania is lovable and I really adored her, she is powerful, confident, compassionate and I really heart the sweet romantic relation between her and Dan.
The suspense will make you think about what s about to come through out the story and the author successfully kept the surprise hidden till the end, well it s our job to find the surprise as I did, so don t expect me to tell you all, that will be cheating The story is fast pacing the plot is just awesome and the writing skill of the author is also enriched which helped me t I really liked this book Loved the paranormal sci fi aspects of it It was kindof a mix of both, has the genetics playing into it, but these Gifted ones are born that way, not made, so that is where I feel the paranormal part of witches powers etc.
Anyway, over all its about good vs evil, and Knowledge is very powerful, and the evil El Calavera is the books main antagonist, he believes that one of the most powerful discoveries that can change the world is hidden in the mind of Tania Westing, hidden there by her murdered genius brother Tania is a high school senior and will be off to college soon She discovers over time the gift she has is to heal, and its rare, but she is untrained, due to her father s interfering with her mother s family he is in denial Things were pretty norma

GiftsI really enjoyed this book It was fun intriguing and a lot of love Dan and Tania are special people.
This story intrigues from the very beginning, with Tania s brother sneaking in and saying his goodbyes You know something bad is going to happen You can feel the emotion, the tension, as he says his final farewell, constantly cognizant of the enemies that lurk.
This story is like one of those Russian dolls you take off a layer, only to find another beneath it Each layer peels away, revealing clues, hints, until everything is made clear The mysteries in this book will keep you guessing and reading just to know where did Tom put the formula And it isn t just the mystery that keeps you reading on This book keeps you on the edge of your seat, never quite letting the tension, the suspense, the danger ease.
One thing that surprised me about this book was how much I laughed and smiled through it I was fully expecting the novel to be dark and it was But t I was asked by the author to read and review this I got nothing from her but a free book Which really, isn t a bad exchange So, this sounds very similar to a lot of other books out there right now, namely Kelley Armstrong s two YA series one of them being The Darkest Powers I can t think of the name of the other right now I like the idea of Gifts and if it comes with a little sci fi in the form of genetics, I ll still take it.
What I liked about this was that the story was intricate and multi layered Things that seemed innocuous in the beginning turned out to be really important later So that was really cool I also really liked most of the characters There were a few I had issues, but most of them I really liked Roger in particular was one of my favorites.
I didn t know that I was getting into a whole Lor I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is a great story with elements you ve already heard of and completely new aspects that make this book unique and fresh.
Tania is a great heroine She isn t perfect She needs help and training from other experiences people like her, and she acknowledges that She keeps her emotions in check and stays strong for the majority of the book but she does have moments of weakness which make her all the human What I liked most about her is that she doesn t rely on anyone to solve her problems, and that although she s affected by her mother s and brother s deaths, she doesn t let that get her down and she isn t scared of taking down the murderers even though they re after her.
Dan is also a great male lead He s sweet, thoughtful and protective He helps Tania with her problems while trying to take care of his li Tania Westing, A High School Senior, Is One Of The Gifted Ones, Descendants Of An Ancient Family With Seven Special Powers Some Of The Powers Are Common, And Some Are RareUntil Her Geneticist Brother Tom Was Murdered, Tania Lived An Ordinary Life Now Hidden In Her Mind Is A Clue That Will Reveal Tom S Research, Including Secret Formulas To Unlock All Seven Powers During Spring Break, Tania Meets And Falls In Love With Handsome Dan Maclean When Tania Reveals Her Rare Power To Heal, The Evil Gifted Ones Who Killed Tom Suspect Tania Has His Research And Formulas And Come After Her Tania Must Learn To Use Her Powers To Help Save Dan S Sister In Time To Keep Tom S Secrets Safe

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