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[Jennie Lucas] ✓ The Spaniard's Defiant Virgin [theatre PDF] Ebook Epub Download ó This story was just too complicated and silly I sketched out the main plot lines, but even writing them down, I can t make sense of these motivations The first deal Heroine s sister is being neglected.
Evil sister in law and brother will let the heroine have custody if she marries wife beating ArabIn turn, wife beating Arab will sell them oil for their cosmetics company.
Enter hero who wants revenge against heroine s family and wife beating Arab Both of them stole a formula his father invented when he was 12 Hero was angry at the time and was going to get vengeance on the wife beating Arab, but his entire family died in a car accident while out looking for him.
The revenge Hero has almost bankrupted the heroine s family s cosmetic business.
Hero will humiliate wife beating Arab by kidnapping his new bride In this book, Marcos is out to destroy the people he feels are responsible for his family s death Kidnapping Tasmin Winter is the beginning of his plan Tamsin is marrying a sheikh in order to protect her baby sister Yes, Marcos did take her virginity and then realized that he was wrong about her, which is common in HP s, but I liked the way the rest of the story went after that scene Tamsin does try to escape after their night together but is caught again by Marcos Of course, right at that time her sheikh fiancee comes to get her after she called him from a stolen cell phone with guards and guns Marcos realizes they can t get out and he wants her to run and save herself I thought that was sweet They of course are rescued and the rest of the book continues with Marcos and Tamsin having a whirlwind love affair still all Classic HQ Presents an outrageous title, a hero bent on seeking revenge, a virgin heroine, and a predictable plot Just give your brain some rest, relax and have fun Here s my favorite passageI admire strong legs on a man Big hands Big feet She gave them a conspicuous glance So good for heavy lifting I don t just have strength, but stamina, he observed, looking at her over his glass with an amused expression I can lift anything you want All night Oh, my God.
Oh yeah, you can say that again Oh, my God LOL, how could I have not enjoyed this read Tamsin is a 23 yr old gorgeous martyr virgin who is willing to sacrifice her all that and a bag of chips self to an eeeevil Moroccan rich dude to Save the Children, y all Or one child, at least her sister, Nicole Unfortunately, some stranger named Marcos kidnaps Tamsin on the day of her wedding to get revenge on both her family AND her fiancee When Tamsin gifts Marcos with her hymen for One Night of Lurve, he is all apologetic and remorseful because, of course in Romance speak, Virginity All Things Innocent and True in this world.
So, we have Captor Captive We have Revenge by using the innocent female as collatoral damage We have the Glorification of Virginity And this was just in the first 100 pages.
If you love these old creaky classic tropes, this one is for you Marcos Ramirez is truly a dark angel This Spanish alpha is to die for, he s angry, he s seeking revenge and yet he has a protective and extremely sexy side, he ll melt your heart.
Tasmin is misunderstood by the press and all of London She s been deemed a wild heiress, a flirt and a spoiled beauty and actually she s none of these.
she s got a secret and she ll do anything that has to be done to protect a family member When Tasmin is kidnapped by the dark angel she realizes she is indeed in trouble because if she doesn t follow her step brother s instructions to marry the nephew of the sheikh to save the family business, she ll not only be on the receiving end of his wrath she ll not be able to protect her ten year old sister from her families abuse.
Marcos is seeking revenge, revenge for the loss of his family due to the Winters HmmI don t really know what to say about this book It was full of typical HP melodrama Don t look at motivations too closely or you ll see right through them There was kidnapping, and virginity and bad reputations built on tabloid rumors, poorly conceived revenge, medieval escape tunnels etc The basic ingredients Put in a bowl stir with a spoon Nothing outstanding here But comfort food of a sort The type of thing that you can read in front of the TV and not miss much of the show or the book Two things bothered me enough to mention though One, there is a scene where she is trying on her wedding dress and he comes in and sees her She tries to get out of sight because of the whole bad luck thing and he chases her down because she is just so sexy and beautiful Okay that was pretty hot Then he tears her dress down the front Because he just can t wait for her hotness long enough to find the z Vengeancecaptivitypleasure In His Spanish Castillo Marcos Ramirez Has Been Planning His Retribution For The Winter Family And Now It S TimeMarcos Will Take Tamsin And Destroy Her Family But Tamsin Isn T The Hedonistic Society Girl He Expected She S Beautiful And Courageous Bedding Her Will Be Sweet And It S Then That Marcos Realizes Tamsin S A Virgin, And Innocent Of All She S Been Accused Of Again going to try to keep this short and sweet This was another book that I did enjoy for some of the same reasons in my previous review of Lynn Raye Harris There was just no connection there for me and I didn t believe that the main characters for falling in love or were in love by the book end Then there was no buildup that I need to see in order for me to root for the couple They just came together way too quickly I fail and no anticipation building it up so that I can enjoy when they finally did get together and become intimate Instead they just rushed into it and and rushed into intimacy I thought and it just felt unrealistic and really contrived Again the concept was interesting with the kidnap and all but that was it then it just felt like a whole rushing towards the end kind of thing I didn t feel the emotional intensity of the peace I really enjoyed this book It was a fun, emotional read Marcos kidnaps Tasmin to get back at her family for destroying his own family He has been planning revenge for 20 years Tasmin thinks of Marcos as a dark angel He is the most handsome man she has ever seen, yet he kidnapped her It does not take too long for Marcos to realize what he thought of Tasmin was wrong The two are fun together, and the chemistry is red hot I finished it, is all I can say It was meh.

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