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[Nikki Winter] Ê The Sweetest Thing [portugal PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Alright Totally forgot I d read it about an hour and a half after finishing The author needs to stop repeating phrases in a 70 page book.
Also, fyi, a man s penis knocking on your womb during intercourse is not pleasurable It s painful.
Loved ItThis was great A great love story between childhood friends I enjoyed the banter, it had me laughing out loud The romance was there I will definitely read something else by this author.
The Sweetest Thing was a very funny and sexy read about two best friends finding sweetness in their relationship Konstantine aka Koz, the hero was just hilarious but sarcastic heroine, Harper aka Sweets didn t want to risk their long standing friendship by them ruining it with dating So Koz uses his skills of their childhood to get his Harper and read it it s so funny 5 sweetie stars DNF 49%If I have to read one IR, where the words cream and flowing are in the in the same sentence, or even insinuated, I will frickin hurlMust readers be subjected to dialogue that is just as explicit invasive as a pelvic exam A funny romantic read I will have to read other Nikki Winter s books.
A fantastic readTo have a best friend from age 5 and 6 to coming full circle and he comes to claim what s his priceless Koz was so funny and an Alpha in every way Love him Konstantine Vetrov Is Pretty Sure He S Made It Abundantly Clear That He Only Has One Woman In Mind To Carry His Progeny And Take His Name Or So He Thought Until He Landed Back In White Plains, New York, Six Years After Traveling Abroad For His Father S Company And Finally Realized That Said Woman Is Completely Oblivious To His Feelings Harper Sweet Is The End All, Be All For Him The Beginning And The End The One He S Not Satisfied With Their Twenty Odd Years Of Friendship Staying Firmly In The Zone Where He Doesn T Get To Touch And Kiss And Hold Her Which Means What, Exactly That It S Time For Him To Show Harper The Sweetest Thing What They Could Be If She D Just Open Her Eyes Verbal gymnastics soured this sweet story3.
00 stars I m partial to a friends to lovers story, they are fun to read and to witness how the author takes the friends to the realization of a romantic love Konstantine Koz Vetrov and Harper Sweets Sweet have been friends since they were young children they have kept in touch throughout the years via Skype, e mails and texting After being away on business, Koz returns home determined to make his feeling for Harper known and to make her admit her feelings for him Koz is unrelenting but Harper s comments were often annoying some banter and smart retorts between a couple is endearing but, with this couple it is excessive, distracting and bordering on slap stick.
A Very Good and Sweet Interracial Romantic ComedyThe Sweetest Thing is a very good and sweet interracial romantic comedy that earned a rating of four stars I enjoyed reading this book as the childhood friends discover the love th have for each other I found this novel to be engaging and sensual and I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys reading very good romantic comedy.
I loved this book I found this book by chance and I m glad I did Very good writing I fell in love with Koz and Harper He was determined to make her his and reading the process was a lot of fun Really intense love scenes too The only downfall for me was the amount of swearing in the book I could have done without the profanity, but it didn t detract much from the story I can t wait to find other books by this author Thanks Nikki Winter

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