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[ Pdf The Syntactic Licensing of Ellipsis Ü siege-of-petersburg PDF ] by Lobke Aelbrecht Ó This book builds on Merchant 2001, making minor modifications to the theory to produce a derivational theory of ellipsis designed to account for the fact that the licensing head and the ellipsis site may be non local, and that not all things that look like ellipsis allow movement The book introduces some amazing data the Dutch MCE data is great and collects quite a bit of other useful and interesting ellipsis data very well The theory is simple, the predictions are clear, and the book is very well written I really enjoyed reading it However, I very much believe that the theory is broken in order to make it work, certain non trivial assumptions need to be made which simply do not seem tenable to me although perhaps others may argue for the author in these ass

This Monograph Presents A Theory Of Ellipsis Licensing In Terms Of Agree And Applies It To Several Elliptical Phenomena In Both English And Dutch The Author Makes Two Main Claims The Head Selecting The Ellipsis Site Is Checked Against The Head Licensing Ellipsis In Order For Ellipsis To Occur, And Ellipsis Ie Sending Part Of The Structure To PF For Non Pronunciation Occurs As Soon As This Checking Relation Is Established At That Point, The Ellipsis Site Becomes Inaccessible For Further Syntactic Operations Consequently, This Theory Explains The Limited Extraction Data Displayed By Dutch Modals Complement Ellipsis As Well As British English Do These Ellipses Allow Subject Extraction Out Of The Ellipsis Site, But Not Object Extraction The Analysis Also Extends To Phenomena That Do Not Display Such A Restricted Extraction, Such As Sluicing, VP Ellipsis, And Pseudogapping Hence, This Work Is A Step Towards A Unified Analysis Of Ellipsis

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