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[ Pdf The Ultimate Revenge (The 21st Century Gentlemans Club #3) ✓ world-of-warcraft PDF ] by Victoria Parker ↠´ Pure romantic fantasy The Ultimate Revenge by Victoria Parker, the 3rd and final book in The Gentleman s Club Mini Series, is totally and the one I absolutely loved the most.
What a journey this story took me on.
It had everything I love in Mills Boon story.
Captivating protagonists a seductive and gorgeous alpha hero without the need to take over the heroine s life A beautiful, strong, smart and independent heroine, who is not afraid to stand up to the hero without being irritating,.
High sensuality and sky rocketing sexual and emotional chemistry that just blew me away Entranced from the 1st chapter where our hero, Nicandro Santos, who is determined to bring Zeus, the owner of the secretive Q Virtus club down, sees Olympia Merisi, the heroine, sleeping in the most opulent bed, until t Gonna try to keep these reviews as short and sweet as can be and just be based on the notes I kept I probably have others thoughts on this book, but have not included them all here being I have five reviews tonight to do So let s get started Plot spoilers in this review read at your own risk Finally finishedThe 21st Century Gentleman s Clubseries I read the first two in this series and loved them and I wondered if this was going to be as good and if I was going to love it as much, and let me tell you I did It was just a fantastic ending to a fantastic series and I am so glad that I read every single one of them and see all these dark, brood men get their happily ever after It was such a great series.
Now speaking of this book specifically, I will say that this had a interesting setup for the story The hero, Nicandro Santos, vowed revenge on Zeus, the person who ra It wasn t bad, it just wasn t my cuppa I did find it ironic that the H was all set to marry this girl and is this hot shot business guy and then did not find out the particulars of who owned the majority shares of the company That is a newbie mistake, so it kinda ruined the H s Business Guru persona But hey, it is HPlandia and that is how they roll Plenty of angst, a little too much D s in the bedroom for me, but I could see why they went there The writing is really good, but mostly I was like, quit being all angsty and just get on with things already I don t think I truly have an angsty angst soul, probably because I hang around with a bunch of cats and they are the ultimate pragmatists.
For over a decade Nicardro Santos, heir to the legendary diamond legacy has lived with one unrelenting purpose, to infiltrate the ultra prestigious Q Virtus gentlemen s club and bring it and it s leader, Zues down.
But what he doesn t know is that Olympia Merisi the daughter of his enemy, is now the one in charge Olympia has her own reasons for wanting to keep Nicandro close and she will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to her The only question that remains at the end of the day is what will happen when the battle lines of hate and anger start to blur and dangerous and sensual ones start to emerge I have been a fan of this author s books since the first time I picked up her debut, she has a way of luring you into a story that seems as dark as its characters and then slowly and so beautifully dragging 1 stars for my suffering HAS to be at least ONE of the weakest pansies heroes EVER He almost got married to the OW.
Trust me, if his grandfather didn t smack him upside down on the head he WOULD have.
He put the business before heroine Heroine is the second best to everything else in his life Then he accuses heroine of letting him almost marry OW Well, duh You re clearly no prize.
No He wasn t offended she let him go without a fight.
He was offended he didn t have a satisfaction to shatter her farther His ego would have felt much better if he had her admission of love, then he still went and married the OW anyway That s what he was pissed for The missed opportunity.
Rating 4.
5 stars.
I have really liked Victoria Parker s other harlequin books so when I saw that this month she had another release, I jumped to buy it This story is about Nicandro Santos Nic and Olympia Merisi Pia Nic wants to destroy Pia s father s life and business because of what he did to destroy his parents and the Santos empire So for the last 10 years or so Nic changed his name, climbed the ladder and become a billionaire with the sole focus of destroying Zeus starting with the gentlemens club Nic meets Pia there, we see an obvious attraction there and I really enjoyed some of thir banter Pia unlike other harlequin heroines is not some virginal heroine and a princess who doesnt understand the real world She I Will Annihilate Your World As You Destroyed Mine For Over A Decade Nicandro Santos, Heir To A Legendary Diamond Legacy, Has Lived With One Unrelenting Purpose To Infiltrate The Ultraprestigious Q Virtus Gentleman S Club And Bring It, And Its Leader, Zeus, DownWhat He Doesn T Know Is That Olympia Merisi, The Daughter Of His Enemy, Is Now In Charge Olympia Has Her Own Reasons For Wanting To Keep Nicandro Close, And She Will Stop At Nothing To Protect What S Hers But What Happens When The Battle Lines Between Them Blur And They Enter Dangerous Sensual Territory I was given this book to read for an honest review What I can tell you right off is not to read this book when you re tired You ll miss too many yummy details of the story I reread this during the day and I have to tell you I LOVED IT The story centers around Nicandro Nic Santos, heir to the Diamond Legacy His parents were killed and he blamed a man called Zeus Zeus had a daughter that he knew absolutely nothing about Olympia Pia Mirisi was dumped on her fathers doorstep by her mother She has been abused and her mother then OD on drugs.
Nic makes a bet with Pia that if he gets her into bed that she would have to introduce him to Zeus Pia fights her attraction for Nic A sudden snowstorm brings her to the brink of death and the Dr recommends body heat to warm her up When Pia wakes up she automatically assumes that Nic took advanta The other side of fear is freedom, my boy Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live Another well written HP by Victoria Parker I really liked this book Not only was Olympia Pia a really powerful woman who stood up to Nicandro Nic and was than his match, there sexual chemistry was off the charts This story is really about how revenge hurts the person seeking it, letting go of the past and all of the hurt it s caused and letting go of fear in order to start being free and truly living as the quote I posted above implies Great story, would very much recommend as a read.
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