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Trailer ½ Wild Honey PDF by × Donna Lea Simpson Good This book was about the romance of finally finding love after thinking you have lost it Bron, a future viscount sees Honey across a crowded ballroom but decides his feelings toward her are just lust and he refuses to give in since all the young men are crowded around her He says he will dance with her at the next ball in two weeks But alas, two weeks later she is already married to a doddering old man and gone to the North This is a time when fathers bartered their daughters for money and Honey is no different Her father is in debt and sells her off without a thought But in the end this story has a happy ending for Honey A sweet tale.
A Classic Regency Romance novella celebrating the world first introduced by Jane Austen.
Viscount Blackthorne is better known as Blackheart, a notorious rogue with a reputation for seduction Forced to flee London and a young woman s irate father, he escapes to the wilds of Yorkshire hoping to rest, relax, and wait out the scandal The last thing he expects to find in the country is the stunning beauty he first eyed twelve years ago, the one woman who captivated his heart and made him question his ways.
The widow Honey Hockley has given up on romance and settled into the quiet simplicity of her small Yorkshire village Before marrying her infirmed husband, she had one sparkling night of a London Season, a night she ll hold on to forever But Honey s peaceful days are shattered when a handsome and mysterious stranger c Viscount Blackthorne Is Better Known As Blackheart, A Notorious Rogue With A Reputation For Seduction Forced To Flee London And A Young Woman S Irate Father, He Escapes To The Wilds Of Yorkshire Hoping To Rest, Relax, And Wait Out The Scandal The Last Thing He Expects To Find In The Country Is The Stunning Beauty He First Eyed Twelve Years Ago, The One Woman Who Captivated His Heart And Made Him Question His WaysThe Widow Honey Hockley Has Given Up On Romance And Settled Into The Quiet Simplicity Of Her Small Yorkshire Village Before Marrying Her Infirmed Husband, She Had One Sparkling Night Of A London Season, A Night She Ll Hold On To Forever But Honey S Peaceful Days Are Shattered When A Handsome And Mysterious Stranger Comes To Town, Forcing Her To Question Her Decision To Accept A Life AloneUpon Meeting, Attraction Flares, And It S Only Honey S Fears And The Viscount S Reputation That Keep Them Apart So While Honey Works To Accept The Possibility That Life And Love May Yet Hold Some Surprises For Her, The Viscount Works To Clear His Name And Win Over The One Woman He Believes Can Make Him Virtuous Again The Viscount S Valentine Was originally Published As Wild Honey In The Anthology, Valentine Rogues Kept me turning the pages a delightful storyNot overly sexy romantic and innocent Why did hero have to be titled Why incognito Well thought out otherwise they Author Donna Lea SimpsonFirst published 2001 as Wild Honey in anthology Valentine Rogues.
Length 1343 locationsSetting 1820 Yorkshire.
Sex Closed door.
Hero Viscount, soldier, rake.
Heroine view spoiler Virgin hide spoiler At a London ball just preceding the 1808 social season, Honoria Honey Stillwell made her first appearance and turned every head Attending the ball was also Lord Bron Alvarice and the sight of this eighteen year old beauty affected him as few other women ever had Little did he suspect that her sweet and innocent face would haunt him for years to come No one would or could imagine that her father would sell her off to the highest bidder and force her into a loveless marriage with an old man, the wine merchant Abner Hockley Honey a paragon of innocence, virtue, womanhood and beauty Stuck away in the north along the Scottish border, she withers away for the next twelve years Viscount Blackthorne better known as Viscount Blackheart to London s high society because of the scandals and intrigues with a vast number of women both married and single When Honey makes her debut on the night of her 18th birthday at a Valentine s ball Shortly after her father marries her off to a seventy year old merchant who whisks her off to Yorkshire.
Bron was captivated by her face at that ball 12 years ago but never spoke to her In the interim, he fought in the army and gained a reputation as a rake After being implicated in a scandal he rusticates to his friend s home in Yorkshire where he finds Honey is a neighbour.
This wasn t instalove but I really couldn t understand why either of them fell in love with the other Also, Bron s thought processes were fairly unacceptable she s a widow therefore she must be up for it, I don t know why she s pulling away and looking scared, silly woman I m pretty broad minded but he just didn t understand she didn t want to be his lover.
The sister s actions were pretty inexplicable an Historical English romance with a rake that falls in love, gets reformed by a sweet virginal widow.
So not a lot of original content in this short story which was clean for the most part.
Viscount Blackthorne is known in English high society as Blackheart because he has made so many of the ladies fall in love with him, with no feelings invested on his side I liked the widow, Honey Hockley She was honest, respectful and totally accepting of her fate, even when it means leaving society to marry a man three times her age and nurse him in his dying old age Honey was too good to be true and I wanted to shake her sometimes and just throw her into Blackheart s bed for some sexy time because if anyone needs it i

Boring The things I read for challenges A short novella with characters not so interesting as other books from this author, but still entertaining and a welcome deviation from the usual tropes of romantic literature.

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