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Ô Read ☆ The Voice of the Empire by Mur Lafferty Í This great little short story was included at the end of the kindle version of Catalyst About the Empire s takeover of the media, and sending top reporters to cover vapid Imperial Balls for the populace including what everyone is wearing and who their designers areand one reporter s decision to try to include a bit in the stories she s assigned It s also a great story about how important quiet resistance can be.
Featured in Catalyst, this is a fun story to round out the ending of the novel and breathe into Rogue One The thought of reporters and news within the Empire is a fascinating idea that hasn t been explored as much as one might think plus the brief bit with Krennic was great as well Overall it s a quick read but it s worth it Honestly I wish this was a full novel or even adapted into a show like Rebels Such a great concept and Lafferty seemed to do well, I am excited to read of her Star Wars stuff.
Very cool short story Gives a look at how the press works under the empire The basic idea of the story is that a serious journalist is forced into doing tabloid work for the empire She does her job, but uses her access to the imperials to pick up useful intelligence for the rebellion She gives her editor all the vapid crap no one cares about and secretly feeds the important stuff to the rebels It s an idea worth getting a full fledged story It could be really cool to see what sort of clever techniques a journalist would have to come up with to do that sort of spy work HoloNet News has always been too much in the background of Star Wars anyways We need to get a serious look at how news media play into a story in wh

So this little story gives you just enough info to be interested, but leaves you hanging on a morsel It s well written enough to pull you in, even with the minimal word count, drawing you into the intrigue that IS HoloNet News their manipulation of coverage You like Calliope for her spunk willingness to be a spy for the Resistance I would really like to read on this character A Star Wars story from a spy s perspective would make a really great read This gets 3 from me since they don t give you enough to base a higher rating.
It seems to be a trend that these stories written for Insider are so short they feel truncated Still, Lafferty does a good job of setting up a small pocket of resistance to reflect the story of Rogue One I like her characterization skills, and she captures the quiet menace of Krennic well I just wish the story were longer so I could see of what she does well.
I really liked this short It is so far my favorites of the short stories that have appeared in Star Wars insider This one shows us the spectrum of characters that make up the Empire, especially during the early years of its formation I also enjoyed reading about holonet news Hopefully we will see these characters again in a larger capacity on other canon entries.
Rating1 2 The Voice of the Empire Is A Short Story Published In Star Wars Insider On December , The Story Is A Tie In To The Film Rogue One A Star Wars Story And The Novel Catalyst A Rogue One Novel And Is Written By Mur Lafferty, With Art By Jason Chan

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