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[ Pdf The Way I See It è military-history PDF ] by Lerato Tshabalala ð Where a group of three or South African, corporate, black, middle class women are gathered there are bound to be emotive debates about relationships.
nanny drama.
lack of transformation in the workplacemaking money.
EFF or some political analysisbad service from black service providershairand the list can continue Reading Lerato s book feels a lot like amusing at a screengrab of these debates Lerato decided to bravely capture her views on an array of these and similar topics, some of which will make you cringe.
yesboth the topics and her raw views The cringe effect is what is most exciting about the book The fact that she calls a thing a thing and the uncensored way she does it will upset and offend you when you disagreehowever you will scream batjele gal when she validates your secret thoughts.
I had many of these Whatever your This is a delightfully honest look at the beautiful people of South Africa, that I am very proud to call home There is no taboo subject and although our author has a bit of a potty mouth, I really enjoyed her down to earth honest opinions and insights into a very unique culture that is growing in the new South Africa We can all learn from her candour to make this a better place and change where we need to.
Embrace yourself for my reviewWowwhat a read I didn t take to this book at first My first attempt was hurried I decided to have an open mind the second time around as Lerato was coming to our bookclub review I am glad I did.
For me this was not just the musings of any black woman but a woman I can compare contrast my experiences my outlook with We both grew up in the township, went to primary school in the township and attended a multi racial although mine was actually referred to as a non racial, what ever that meant high school So this was personal I could really relate to most of the experiences in the essays and often found myself reminiscing There was however 1 story that did not ring true though, for me, that is The painter who subtly threatened to steal the T shirt and backpack if she did not give the items to him Never happened to me or don t know anyone or heard of anyone it I almost abandoned this book during the first 40 pages It just wasn t my thing not interested to hear all about her sexual experiences etc However, I decided to persevere and the very next chapter, about race, was excellent especially The 15 Things White People Should Know about Black People Reloaded There were one or 2 chapters after that which didn t grab me, but on the whole it was interesting and a worthwhile read for me I am on a mission to familiarise myself with what makes the majority of people in my country tick and operate, and this was a start I think young South Africans would really enjoy it for me it was enjoyable overall but I wouldn t rave about it For anyone who dislikes swearing, don t touch it but she warns yo Actually loved it Loved her style of writing thought she was sitting there telling me these stories when I read the book Well done I was reluctant to buy the book because of the negative publicity, but the book is actually not a bad read I like that it s written in a simple way, and there s a lot of truth to it.
Lerato Tshabalala First Came To Our Attention In With Her Urban Miss Column In The Sunday Times, And Since Then She Has By Turns Entertained, Exasperated, Amused And Confounded Her Fans And Critics Alike Now, With Her First Book, She Looks Set To Become The National Institution She Deserves To Be With Her Customary Wit And Keen Insight Into Social, Political And Cultural Affairs, Lerato Shines A Bright And Controversial Light On South African Society And The Quirky Ways Of The Country She Is Brutally Honest About Her Experiences As A Black South African In Post Apartheid Mzansi, And No Subject Is Too Sacred For Her To Explore Annoying Car Guards, White Dominated Corporate South Africa, Cultural Stereotypes, Economic And Racial Inequality, And Gender Politics, Among Many Other Topics, Come Under Her Careful And Often Laugh Out Loud Scrutiny The Way I See It Is Written For People Who Are Hungry For A Book That Is Thought Provoking, Funny, Irreverent And Truly South African All At The Same Time It Is Light But Full Of Depth Like A Supermodel With An MBA Fun read, especially while traveling in South Africa.
My true rating is 3.
5 stars.
Sassy, fresh, shocking.
Want to read about how life really is lived in SA My full review on Contrary to popular belief, the book is not a dedication to poor services provided by black owned businesses Tshabalala addresses a variety of issues from her perspective in a witty, humorous, filterless, unapologetic, zero f s given kind of way She does warn us of cussing and constant digression in the book and she doesn t hold back honey I suppose she was not gunning for a prestigious literature award anyway Race, friendships, situationships, money, family characters and much are topics she delves into I guess the controversy surrounding this book is a reminder that we should always use our own discretion when reading any review or piece of writing for that matter Yes we see you Sunday Times

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