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[ Read Online The White Lantern ô academia PDF ] by Evan S. Connell ë This book is a gem that I return to every couple of years It is a collection of historical essays covering the breadth of human history Evan Connell is the ultimate autodidact and his knowledge about obscure but important events is encyclopedic He writes with a wry style that makes his books a joy even though some of his points are angry A rare gift.
I was sorry to hear of his death earlier this year If you are interested in making his acquaintance pick up this book and its companion The Long Desire.
This is a pretty cool book of sprawling essays on obscure but interesting history stuff like the Vikings in Greenland, early anthropology and the many hoaxes and misapprehensions it overcame, and the nastier details of Antarctic exploration.

A sequel, of sorts, to Connell s A Long Desire , every bit as mind blowing to anyone unfamiliar with its subject s the exploration, often by eccentrics, of forgotten, ignored, or misunderstood realms and perhaps a tad tedious, given that its essays are, with a single exception, longer than those in Desire Still, it s than worthy of a read If only there were books like it A great book A Long Desire was mostly about man s desire and find This one focuses on what e know enough about to KNOW but have lost enough of to never know for sure The Mayans, the Etruscans, et al The essay is a lost art and Connell was a master of it.
Almost rambling in the way it jumps from topic to topic.
Excellent essays covering a wide range of science and history.
With His Customary Droll Humor, Connell Brings To Life In These Seven Essays Advances Made In Cartography, Anthropology, Astronomy, Linguistics, And Archaeology By Showing The Enormous Lengths To Which Outstanding Individuals Have Driven Themselves In Passionate Pursuit Of Knowledge

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