è The Whole Of The Moon Ó Download by Î Kevin McManus

è The Whole Of The Moon Ó Download by Î Kevin McManus The suspense of the hit and run had me hooked, set in Ireland Filled with romance and crime, just up my cup of tea would recommend this booked However the ending wasn t what I expected.
The Whole Of The Moon by fellow Creativia author Kevin McManus, is a cosy mystery set in Western Ireland in the 1980 s Conor Doyle lives and works in England, but returns home to see his family at Christmas and to meet up with his old friends Darrah and Sarah He arrives to learn of the death of a well respected local man, Tom Kearns, who has been killed by a hit and run driver, and that the Garda are out in force looking for the culprit.
In between much craic and drinking bouts, Conor begins to see both Darrah and Sarah in a new light, which casts an unwelcome shadow over their friendship.
I read this short book in a couple of days The plot is quite enjoyable, although rather slow moving I liked the location descriptions of which the author has an obvious knowledge , and through these descriptions felt as though I was there The ending was disappointing, but overall I do re Conor Doyle Is Haunted By His Decisions Decisions, They Can Change A Life They Can Take A Life In The Winter Of Conor Returns From London To His Native Village Of Ballinastrad In Western Ireland What He Thought Would Be A Joyful Reunion, Reconnecting With Family And Friends, Quickly Becomes Something As He Becomes Drawn Into The Fallout Surrounding A Recent Shocking Crime Relationships Are Tested And Conor Must Look Deep Inside Himself To Make His Own Decisions Should He Tell The Police Or Keep The Secret A Captivating Irish Crime Story Of Jealousy And Betrayal I Loved The Sense Of Western Ireland In The Late S Captured In This Novel Judith Cranswick An Intriguing And Evocative Tale Of A Love Triangle Immersed In A Well Depicted Panorama Of Small Town Ireland Anthony J Quinn The Characters Are Moulded So Well That I Could Create Faces For Them In My Imagination It Kept Me Enthralled Right To The End Denise O Neill Brilliant Read, Couldn T Leave It Down Agnes Chandler The Author Sets The Scenes Beautifully Sheryl Lee The Whole of the MoonI thoughts the book slow with a little content The characters were also boring , sitting shit faced was down right a was as waste of time I did enjoy the telling of the scenic sights of Ireland.
Good story Crime story set in Ireland in the late 1980 s Conor Doyle is visiting his family for Christmas when he gets embroiled in the problems that his old friend is mixed up in.
Easy to read, read in one sitting and looking forward to reading book 2 of the series.
Sadly, a well respected and popular local man is hit on the roadside and left to die in a ditch Nobody comes forward to own up All the locals wonder who could do such a heartless thing and drive away The Gardai investigate.
Three friends Conor, Darragh and Sarah Both of the men are in love with Sarah, but Conor takes a step back and Darragh one forward Conor the cautious, the unselfish, where greater love hath no man, believing that nothing should jeopardise the friendship, not even love Sarah and Darragh have become an item, sharing his family cottage in the mountains.
Then betrayal, suspicion and guilt starts the rot Fantastic Good stuff.
Good read Coming from West of Ireland and living in Kilburn for a few years, brought back memories Disappointed with portrayal of drinking and getting drunk as the only activity Otherwise very well written and enjoyable.

Set in the 1980s, the author treats us to an authentic look at village life in Ireland A fatal hit and run incident adds intrigue and suspense, making this a very enjoyable read It has everything, crime, romance and characters with depth, look forward to from Kevin McManus.
Good read could have had better endingGood book kept you turning pages but I was a bit disappointed with the ending I would however still recommend this book.

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