Trailer ¿ The Word is Murder PDF by ↠´ Anthony Horowitz

Trailer ¿ The Word is Murder PDF by ↠´ Anthony Horowitz 3.
5 starsThis book is structured like a Sherlock Holmes story in which Dr Watson accompanies Sherlock Holmes on an investigation, then chronicles the case In The Word is Murder Anthony Horowitz ostensibly accompanies detective Daniel Hawthorne on an investigation, then writes a book this one about the case As the novel opens, wealthy middle aged Londoner Diana Cowper goes to an undertaker to plan her funeral, so when the time comes it will go off exactly as she wants.
with her chosen hymns and music The funeral will occur much sooner than expected, though, because Diana is strangled in her apartment a few hours later Diana s death, which is clearly a murder, draws extra attention for two reasons a decade ago Diana s car hit twin eight year old boys, Jimmy and Jeremy Godwin, killing Jimmy and leaving Jeremy brain damaged In addition, Diana is the mother of the famous act 4.
5 STARS Who plans their own funeral 6 hours before their murder I loved playing detective alongside Ex DI Hawthorne and trying to make sense of the growing trail of leads What was the motive Did the victim know she was in danger What is going on Who left an important clue Did I catch that clue NopeHorowitz plants himself in the story as well He is a fictional character working with the detective as a writer to document the case as a true crime novel.
This was pretty entertaining and I flew through it, trying to spy the murderer the entire way through Hawthorne was like the master murder solver and Horowitz was always questioning his tactics and getting on his nerves A good old fashioned murder mystery with a dash of modern day life to give it a contemporary SHE PLANNED HER OWN FUNERAL BUT DID SHE ARRANGE HER OWN MURDER New York Times Bestselling Author Of Magpie Murders And Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz Has Yet Again Brilliantly Reinvented The Classic Crime Novel, This Time Writing A Fictional Version Of Himself As The Watson To A Modern Day HolmesOne Bright Spring Morning In London, Diana Cowper The Wealthy Mother Of A Famous Actor Enters A Funeral Parlor She Is There To Plan Her Own ServiceSix Hours Later She Is Found Dead, Strangled With A Curtain Cord In Her Own HomeEnter Disgraced Police Detective Daniel Hawthorne, A Brilliant, Eccentric Investigator Who S As Quick With An Insult As He Is To Crack A Case Hawthorne Needs A Ghost Writer To Document His Life A Watson To His Holmes He Chooses Anthony HorowitzDrawn In Against His Will, Horowitz Soon Finds Himself A The Center Of A Story He Cannot Control Hawthorne Is Brusque, Temperamental And Annoying But Even So His Latest Case With Its Many Twists And Turns Proves Irresistible The Writer And The Detective Form An Unusual Partnership At The Same Time, It Soon Becomes Clear That Hawthorne Is Hiding Some Dark Secrets Of His OwnA Masterful And Tricky Mystery That Springs Many Surprises, The Word is Murder Is Anthony Horowitz At His Very Best When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions HamletYes, now I know I like this writer The writer also of Magpie Murders, which is widely read across Goodreads This, again, is a great crime mystery, with antiheroes Daniel Hawthorne, a recalcitrant detective, and his sidekick Anthony would that be Anthony Horowitz himself What I understand is that this is the first of a series of crime novels starring these two gentlemen And I m already looking forward to the next.
Great writing, entertaining story, relaxing, witty read Quality crime writing Four stars plus, great book Here s the story outline from bol.
5 starsDeath for me had always been little than a necessity, something that moved the plot on But standing in the bedroom of a woman who had so recently died, I could feel it right there beside me When author Anthony Horowitz is asked to write a book about a former detective inspector now turned private investigator, he quickly learns that solving a crime is much different when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of it Investigator Daniel Hawthorne approaches the renowned writer with a deal to go fifty fifty on a book about his work life, beginning with a rather peculiar murder of a 60 something year old widow What makes this particular case so intriguing is thisDiana Cowper had planned her funeral and she was going to need it She was murdered about six hours later that same day This novel is weird, wacky, and on the wild side of wonderful The author, Anthony Horowitz, did not only write this book, he isinthis book In fact, he is writing the book or less as it is happening I think.
All those W s in my first sentence aside, this is not a funny book although there is humour in it at times What it is deviously clever and fiendishly brilliant There are accidental deaths, murders, and a great deal of confusion because there are so many linked parts in the chain of events Yet, just as we see another link up ahead, without warning, the link that initially looked so solid turns out to be fragile Broken, in fact.
I was delighted to read about how the author came to follow an ex detective all over London and other parts of England as a documentarian Instead of on film, though, this documentary is written the detective wants the book to be about his solving this 4.
5 stars What an original and clever mystery Diana Cowper, the widowed mother of a famous actor, pre plans her funeral, unaware that she would be needing their services in just a few short hours when she is brutally murdered Hawthorne is an ex cop working as a private investigator who is brought on board to investigate the crime This is, in many ways, a classic whodunit Agatha Christie style murder mystery, which happens to be a favorite genre of mine What makes this book different and unique is the author is a character in his own book and the narrative is a fun blend of fact and fiction In the story, the novelist Horowitz is presented with the opportunity to follow along with Hawthorne as he works the case and write a book about it They are an unlikely pair and the banter and dynamic between these two characters is mo

5 stars Clever Brilliant I don t think I will ever write a review for this author s work without those two words included.
Anthony Horowitz has such a unique way of narrating his novels This one is done in first person, with Horowitz himself as the main character ingenious This is marketed as a masterful and tricky mystery which sums it up perfectly This novel revolves around a tragic and shocking murder that happens six hours after the victim plans her own funeral Ex detective, Daniel Hawthorne, is helping the police investigate this unique case Hawthorne reaches out to Horowitz to request that he accompany him on his investigation to document the case as well as write a sort of biography about Hawthorne I loved the dynamic between Haw 4.
5 innovative and page turning stars to The Word is Murder.
5 rounded up My first book from Horowitz was an indulgent and clever mystery I tried my hardest to solve A woman has already planned her own funeral, but when she is found dead six hours after she finalizes the arrangements, it has the police wondering if she planned her own death, too An extremely private, private detective, Daniel Hawthorne, is skilled at solving crimes by blowing up secrets and has a wealth of secrets of his own And somehow, this is in the synopsis, so not a spoiler , the author is drawn into the story as well The back and forth between Hawthorne and Horowitz was shrewd and witty and brought the whole story together for me The Word is Murder reminded me of the game of Clue Growing up, my p Ok, so I knew the premise of this book Author inserts himself into the story But how it would be handled was the big question Well, let me tell you Horowitz is bloody brilliant I loved how this is some crazy mix of mystery, memoir, essay on how to write, how a tv show is created, all rolled into one And his ability to paint a character He had me truly wondering who was real and who was imagined That s how vivid his portrayals are Horowitz was authorized by the Conan Doyle family to write a Sherlock Holmes novel a few years back It s interesting, because my impression was that Hawthorne is a modern day Holmes I had absolutely no idea who the murderer was This kept me engaged throughout This works beautifully as an audio book You have the sensation of being in a conversation with the author One of the best audio

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