Trailer ß The World Rushed in: The California Gold Rush Experience PDF by ↠´ J.S. Holliday

Trailer ß The World Rushed in: The California Gold Rush Experience PDF by ↠´ J.S. Holliday Very good book Human side of the Gold Rush.
This is a remarkable and well told account of one man s overland journey from Buffalo, NY to California in search of gold It is based on his diary, but also integrated with hundreds of other first hand sources to fill in gaps in the journal, and the inevitable gaps in a single man s experience of the gold rush Highly recommended The World Rushed In, according to PBS the definitive book on the California Gold Rush, follows a young Ohio farmer, William Swain, overland across the brutal plains to the Sierra Nevada, stays with him as he struggles to mine gold, and travels back home with him by way of disease ridden Panama Author J.
S Holliday starts each chapter with a general history, follows with letters home by Swain, and concludes with letters from home wife Sabrina and brother George Gaps in the Swain narrative are filled with excerpts from letters of other miners who were undergoing the same experiences at the same time This scheme works very well, especially since farmer Swain and his family were surprisingly articulate I did not read the first half of the book the preparations and the overland journey I wasinterested in California and the mining Of course, t A very thorough, detailed, well researched book that relies on the diaries of 49ers Yet, who knew how boring uneventful traveling by wagon from Missouri to California and mining could be I guess the exciting overlanders didn t have time to journal.
The protagonist in J.
S Holliday s book, The World Rushed In The California Gold Experience, is William Swain Swain is a complex and layered character who is described in detail throughout the book The complexity of Holliday s character is due to the fact that he is a real man who we get to know through his personal diary and correspondence with his family Swain believed it was his duty to document his travels in detail out of obligation to his family He read his Bible and wrote in his diary religiously Holliday adds history and details to these diary entries and letters to give a complete and enriched detail of Swain s character I am first struck by Swain s duty and love of his family as a reason for going to California in the first place He heard repo

The main character is William Swain and he is religious, dedicated, hard working, motivated, and a family man He is religious because he carries and reads his bible even though he is far from home He also mentions God every time he writes to his brother George, wife Sabrina and mother Patience He also equates swearing, gambling, drinking and prostitution to the devil s influence on weak men He is motivated and hard working because he never gave up on his mission to reach California His party faced hunger, hot cold weather, disease such as cholera, yet they kept marching towards El Dorado He is a family man because he always mentions his brother George, wife Sabrina, his daughter Eliza, mother Patience, and Little Sis in all his letters They keep him strong as he struggled to reach California He also ment I didn t finish this book, but I really appreciate the historical significance The ambition of the author is to be greatly admired because taking on a project of this breadth is truly daunting Would recommend to anyone interested in a good historical account of the gold rush.
Listened to audiobook The voiceover wasn t the best.
This is deservedly a classic of Gold Rush literature I picked it up intending to merely skim it for a few facts I was seeking wound up reading it eagerly for hours at a time.
The diaries and letters were pretty much a day by day account of the westward trail what an ordeal What tremendous quantities of hopefulness and endurance a person needed in order to keep on going over those rivers, deserts and mountains It s astounding to realize how many lives were wrecked or ended on the trail or in the fields Once arrived in the reality of the gold fields MORE hopefulness and endurance were demanded and perhaps some denial as well The glory days of the gold fields were well past by the time most of these men arrived in California.
William Swain s journals and correspondence were the perfect choice because he wrote so faithfully an Holliday, JS The World Rushed In The California Gold Rush Experience An Eyewitness Account Of A Nation Heading West New York, A Touchstone Book, Cm XCmPages With Several Black And White Pictures And Illustrations original Softcover Good Condition Front Bottom Cover Has Slight Folded Corner Exlibris Of Owner On Front Pastedown As Well As Written Name Includes For Example The Following Essays Opening Page Of Swain S Diary, AprilSteamer Arrow Chimney Rock Rabbbit Hole Wells Etc Etc Jaquelin Smith Holliday II Indianapolis, Indiana,JuneCarmel, California,AugustWas An American Historian Holliday Wrote A Masterly History Of The California Gold Rush That Capped Three Decades Of Painstaking Research On The Era Holliday S The World Rushed In The California Gold Rush Experience, First Published In , Is Noteworthy For Its Innovative Narrative Style That Blends Scholarly Commentary And Analysis With Words Of The Miners Themselves And Their Families Kevin Starr, A California Historian And Former State Librarian, Describes Holliday As A Pioneer Of The Docudrama Narrative Documentarian Ken Burns Featured Holliday In His PBS Series The West, And Once Said No One Writes Better About California S Irresistible Past Holliday S Narrative Drew Heavily From The Diaries And Correspondence Of William Swain, A Farmer In Youngstown, New York Who Made A Seven Month Trek To California InSwain Penned Detailed Accounts Of His Transcontinental Journey Holliday Was Introduced To Swain S Writings During His Final Year At Yale University Ed Eberstadt, A Dealer In Rare books, Showed Holliday Swain S Diary, Which Was Part Of The Yale Collection Eberstadt Emphasized That It Was The Most Important Diary Of The Gold Rush, But Holliday Initially Wasn T Impressed With Swain S Journals After Reading Diaries Left By OtherErs, Holliday Realized The

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