Ò The Would-Be Mommy ï Download by Ò Jacqueline Diamond

Ò The Would-Be Mommy ï Download by Ò Jacqueline Diamond 7.
6 10 Delightful watching the various characters maturation in a short period of time, including the baby Interesting back stories for the main individuals Serious side stories Engaging romance.
Every Child Deserves A Loving Parent Ian Martin has stirred up trouble with a news story he wrote about hospitals welcoming abandoned babies He s got a firestorm around the public relations director of the local hospital, Jennifer Serra She s lost her heart to a baby being delivered to the hospital The teen mother will surrender her newborn only to Jennifer How can she refuse Here s her chance to a new episode of life, and perhaps it may include Ian Martin You may shed a few tears while reading this story, but there is true love to be found here A very well written story of life s lessons.
This was a great story that I just couldn t stop reading I loved the storyline and the characters The secret that could destroy Jennifer s dream was well kept and then beautifully played out I couldn t help but love Ian, his thoughts, and his reaction to those thoughts were just beautiful.
This book was sweet and I was so emotionally connected to the book that at times I couldn t help but cry I was terribly delighted from the book and importantly the ending It was quite a beautiful book to read.

Oh Boy I was not expecting this and I mean this in a very very good way.
In my personal experience, most stories following a plot like this tend to be fluff Dont get me wrong, some of those stories could possibly melt stone hearts but this WOW Its 03 52am so my apologies, this review might not be all that.
Regardless, this book, their story, My God This was some real deep shit excuse me I don t have any real criticism regarding the book except that, as serious as this was, a comic relief would have been welcomed But that is solely my opinion I loved little Rosaline and I knew exactly how Jenn felt You can never tell but the next thing you know, the little devils are your life and that level of attachment, if broken, has a real crippling effect What i loved most was the underlying message of redemption, forgiveness and especially closure Which can be ac Much bigger on story than I was expecting Very calming and well written.
loved it such a sweet story Thank You to the Author for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
I started reading this book in the mood for a short and sweet romance, and that s exactly what I got It was the kind of book that sucked you in straight away and you immediately wanted to find out I think one of the main reasons for this was the likability of the characters, I found them easy to like and to rally behind from the beginning Jennifer especially as she was often then not just trying to make the best out of every situation.
In regards to the story itself it was a lot in depth then I had initially thought it would be, as I mentioned above I went into this expecting a short but sweet romance story with a few obstacles in the way before they got their happily ever after, however the book provided than a few surprises along the way with a far in depth character develo From The Moment He Arrives At Safe Harbor Medical, Ian Martin Is On Infant Overload But The Story He S Covering Gets A Lot Interesting When The Adventure Seeking Reporter Meets Jennifer Serra, An Intriguing PR Director Who Has Created A Stir By Taking Home One Of The Center S Unwanted Newborns Jennifer Has Always Wanted A Child Of Her Own Her Dream Becomes Thrilling Reality When She Agrees To Temporarily Permanently Be A Mother To A Sweet Baby Girl Ian Could Complete The Picture Jennifer Sees How Easily He Bonds With Little RosalieBut Just When She Begins To Look At Ian As Potential Father Material, The Dashing Journalist Dredges Up A Scandal From Jennifer S Past That Could Jeopardize Her Plans For Adoptionand For A Future With Ian

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