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[ Pdf The X Ingredient Ö fairy-tale-retellings PDF ] by Roslyn Sinclair Ê I really enjoyed The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair It was my first book by this author, so I didn t have any expectations, but I definitely wasn t disappointed This novel s got everything I like an ice queen, an office romance, an age gap between the two leads and sexy, sexy scenes.
Elite lawyer, Diana Parker, needs a new PA Against her better judgement, she hires Laurie, a determined young woman studying to become an environmental lawyer Both women are instantly attracted to each other, but they obviously cannot act on it Laurie can t risk losing this opportunity Besides, Diana Parker is married and she isn t gay The X Ingredient is a steamy erotic romance with an actual plot The sex scenes are seriously hot, The X Ingredient is my first book by this author, neither did I read the fanfic version But I did see the film The Devil Wears Prada which was fantastic And this book was like a version of DWP, a good version I would put this in the erotic romance category Diana Parker is a top shot lawyer with her own law firm, married to her second husband but still not really happy and the image of an ice queen When she hires Laurie Holcomb as her personal assistant, she can t imagine what a special personal assistant can do Laurie had a few hard years behind her and was looking forward to getting a job in the universe of the jurisprudence, later she wants to go into environmental law I liked both MCs and they are well developed The writing is good and well paced and reminds me of Meghan O Brien This is an ice queen and age gap romance, without much fuss about the age gap, wh Oh WOW I loved everything about this book This is my first read by this author and I really had no expectations, but i must say I m very impressed.
So I ve read some of the reviews and while I understand that this might be perceived as an erotic book, for me what was interesting is that I thought it was of a romance than erotica Yes a big part of the book was about sex under the umbrella of an arrangement But once I was done with the book, It got me thinking, mmmm no this was a romantic book with a kick ass side of an erotic angle to it There was an amazing storyline, there was unbelievable chemistry between the MCs, there was an interesting side to the business as well as some issues with the husband do I love that books are so incredible that they can manage to speak to each of us so differently The few early ARC reviews that I ve seen on this so far haven t been flattering, but to me, this was a wonderful read I do want to mention right off the bat that I did not read the original fanfic version of this story, and came into this read without any prior knowledge of the original fanfic story.
As most of you already know, this story is absolutely, and unapologetically a Devil Wears Prada rip off Sinclair makes it enough different that it s still its own story, but just know going in that you re going to feel that sense of deja vu if you ve seen the movie If you re like me, you ll have trouble NOT picturing the actresses faces while reading too Personally, I prefer to visualize the characters myself, and found it very hard to not see the actresses thro X marks the g spot I went into this knowing from other reviews that this was of an erotic romance I suppose I should have realized that as the cover has a nice looking pair of legs with some panties on the floor I m just not that observant Glad I read some reviews before hand so that I could be prepared.
Laurie is beautiful young upstart who is looking for a full time assistant job because things haven t been going well for her the past couple of years Diana is a hot shot lawyer that has built her own practice and in search of a new assistant She is an ice queen and Laurie will eventually melt her, of course.
I watched Devil Wear s Prada one time and have forgotten it I have never read any DWP fan fiction So I think that I came to this story with little expectation and nothing to compare I think that may have been a good thing as my experience read

5 Phew, that was hot I wish I hadn t known this was based on DWP fanfic, because it took me a while to get the images from the movie out of my mind and let new ones appear Not that I have anything against fanfic but this is so well written that it doesn t need any visual aid.
Diana Parker is a hotshot lawyer in Atlanta looking for an assistant Laurie Holcombe is a sociology student from Zebulon, Georgia, hoping to get to law school while paying her bills She doesn t seem like the right fit for the job but Diana soon learns that where Laurie is concerned, what seems wise might not actually be wise Diana is so deep into the closet that acknowledging her attraction to Laurie kinda feels like the end of the world, and then feelings get into play and it gets even worse But before that, the two women agree on some sort of arrangement that is supposed to protect Laurie from feeling used b As someone who has read the original fan fiction at least half a dozen times now, I couldn t help but compare it to this long anticipated book Overall rating is 3,75 I think what surprised me the most was the amount of hidden jabs in this version and I don t know exactly how I feel about them since I happen to agree with a lot that was written The book mentions discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and even politics in various degrees Having lurked on the author s twitter for news on the release of this book, the inclusion of those subjects shouldn t have been a surprise to me, yet they were.
I also wondered if maybe Ms Sinclair would tone down the raunchiness that was in the Having read Telanu s fanfic of the same title first a while ago and had since been waiting in anticipation for its full publication because, first, The X Ingredient was so superbly written and told that when Telanu left me hanging at the end of the fanfic version with a promise of a full publication at a later time, I was beside myself with horror because.
well, I really wanted to know what happened in the second act and Telanu spared no mercy with that cliffhanger That was prolly 2 years ago As you know, Telanu is Roslyn Sinclair s fanfic pen name and whilst we re at it, I HIGHLY recommend you to go get yourself some Telanu reads because they re simply a cut above, you ll never realise you re reading a fanfic piece Her Truth Measure DWP Truly outstanding, one of my all time favourite lesfic and I don t even classify it as a fanfic, really Top not 3.
75 Stars I m definitely putting this in the enjoyed pile but can t say that I loved this Was it hot as Hell Yeah, I still got some flames and little devils running around my living room The chemistry is off the charts with so much good steaminess My lack of a 5 star rating comes from the rest of the story As most of you out there, I m a fan of Sinclair Telanu Truth and Measure rocked my world and I was so happy she got signed with YLVA I decided since Sinclair was going to be published, I would not read any of her fanfic and wait until it was released in book form That worked well since I loved The Lily and the Crown Not only was it spicy, it tore at my emotions and I loved every second of it I really had my fingers crossed that this book would grab me like her others did Unfortu Laurie Holcombe Is Out Of A Job, Out Of Luck, And Out Of Time When A Prestigious Law Firm Hires Her As An Assistant To One Of Its Senior Partners, It Feels Like She Might Finally Get Back On Her Feet All She Has To Do Is Put Up With The Whims Of Her Infuriatingly Icy Boss, Diana How Hard Could That Be Diana Parker Is Atlanta S Top Lawyer And Isn T Afraid To Let Everyone Know It She S Driven, Ruthless, Demanding, And Stuck In A Failing Marriage Too Bad She Can T Run Her Personal Life As Well As She Runs Her Ordered OfficeWhen A Young Assistant Shows Up With Bright Blue Eyes, A Cute Southern Accent, And A Streak Of Pink Hair, Diana S Sure She S All Wrong For The Job And Yet Something Seems To Be Pulling Her And Laurie Holcombe Together, Drawing Them Into A Secret, Thrilling Dance That S Far Too Dangerous For A Boss And EmployeeCan They Make Rules For This Powerful Attraction, A Way To Keep Each Other At Arm S Length But How Do You Resist The Irresistible A Smart, Sexy Lesbian Romance About Facing The Truth About Your Desires And Risking EverythingThemes Ice Queen Top Lawyer Young Assistant, Words

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