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[ Pdf Then Osborne Said to Rozier with CD Î mannerpunk PDF ] by Steve Richardson Þ Written For Every Sports Fan Who Follows The Cornhuskers, This Account Goes Behind The Scenes To Peek Into The Private World Of The Players, Coaches, And Decision Makers All While Eavesdropping On Their Personal Conversations From The Nebraska Locker Room To The Sidelines And Inside The Huddle, The Book Includes Stories About Bill Callahan, Bob Devaney, And Johnny Rogers, Among Others, Allowing Readers To Relive The Highlights And The Celebrations

I skimmed this history of Nebraska football but couldn t bring myself to read it straight through I have plenty of other things I should be reading instead, but my wife pointed this one out to me the last time we were at the library, and I couldn t resist Interestingly, this book was written by a Missouri sports journalist, which to my way of thinking is a little bit like having a Baptist minister write a book about Joseph Smith I had to laugh at the full chapter devoted to the Nebraska Missouri series, considering the series, in my opinion, has produced a grand total of one game of true national significance in my lifetime see 1997 NU v MU and The Catch If you want to write an entire chapter about Nebraska versus Oklahoma, sure But Nebraska Missouri I mean, seriously The whole cast is here with the famously color This is a pretty good history of the Nebraska Football team from the start of Bob Devaney s tenure in the early 1960 s until the end of the Tom Osborne era in the late 90 s Interestingly enough, the author is a life long Missouri Tigers fan so I was impressed with his detailed knowledge of Nebraska s history He did focus quite a bit of time on the Nebraska Missouri rivalry but still an equal amount of time was given to Oklahoma Many first hand interviews with the players and coaches from the different eras were included I d recommend this to any Nebraska football fan.

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