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ç This Is NPR Ã Download by õ National Public Radio I love, love, love NPR It s my primary news source and I have great respect for the staff and the excellent, fairly balanced work they do This book told the fascinating history of NPR, which debuted in the early 1970s I read this book on my Kindle and it most definitely was not meant to be read on a Kindle The layout was awful, with headlines wrapping around to the next sentence and the next page breaking words in half , using different unappealing typefaces in different sizes The photos were so tiny, I would need a magnifying glass to see them The book featured essays by NPR reporters but quite often, I wasn t sure who was reporting the story I was reading They also included some people and didn t include others For example, they included the story of Bob Edwards sudden replacement, which angered many people, but then other than a brief mention of what I ve been an NPR fan for all of my adult life,so reading this book felt like getting in touch with a lot of old friends It was great to see the faces, hear the voices, be told the back stories behind many shows, learn about the successes and failures, how the programs are put together, how technology has profoundly changed radio, how reporters have put their lives on the line in war torn countries An amazing book As a bonus, there was a CD of a few clips from the past 40 years I do wish the CD was much longer.

An excellent look at an excellent news outfit I m a fan of the book and NPR.
40 years of US history, through the lens of NPR.
While I loved everything in this book, my main complaint is that there isn t enough of it It s the entire history of NPR compressed into less than 275 pages filled with photos and other graphics This all is organized well and looks terrific, but I felt like I was reading a Wikipedia article about the history of NPR a well written one, to be sure, but it was terribly brief nonetheless I want to be clear everything about this book is awesome There s just not enough of it.
This is pretty much the autobiography of National Public Radio It is really a collection of short memoirs from many NPR employees along with a few transcripts from broadcasts The most interesting parts to me were those covering the time period before I ever began to listen The stories from days of splicing together tape seconds before it went on air give interesting, behind the scenes views of life in the early days of NPR I liked reading about the birth and evolution of All Songs Considered as well.
Good, in a I m an NPR nerd and enjoyed the different perspective on historical events from the last 40 years Definitely one from which I was easily distracted, though.
Come for the photos of NPR stars when they were young, stay for some interesting behind the scenes anecdotes.
Always Put The Listener First Has Been NPR S Mantra Since Its Inception InNow Celebrating Its Th Anniversary, NPR S Programming Attracts OverMillion Listeners Every Week This Beautifully Designed Volume Chronicles NPR S Storied History, Featuring Dozens Of Behind The Scenes Photos, Essays And original Reporting By A Who S Who Of NPR Staff And Correspondents, Transcripts Of Memorable Interviews, And An Audio CD Of The Most Memorable Programming Throughout The Decades Beyond An Entertaining And Inspiring Tribute To NPR S Remarkable History, This Book Is An Intimate Look At The News And Stories That Have Shaped Our World, From The People Who Were On The Ground And On The Air With Contributions From Steve Inskeep, Neal Conan, Robert Siegel, Nina Totenberg, Linda Wertheimer, Scott Simon, Melissa Block, PJ O Rourke, David Sedaris, Sylvia Poggioli, Paula Poundstone, And Many , This Is The Perfect Book For Any NPR Supporter, Fan, Or Devotee Man, I love NPR.

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