Trailer è To Hell With Honor: Custer and the Little Bighorn PDF by Ù Larry Sklenar

Trailer è To Hell With Honor: Custer and the Little Bighorn PDF by Ù Larry Sklenar I rad this a few years ago, but what I remember was that it was a good read I enjoyed learning one of the most historic battles and memorable characters in history Fact filed and well written I felt like truly understood what went wrong and why.

The Image Of The Famous Last Stand Of The Seventh US Calvary Under General George Armstrong Custer Has Metamorphosed Into Myth We Picture The Solitary Custer Standing Upright To The End, His Troops Formed Into Groups Of Wounded And Dying Men Around Him In This Book, Larry Sklenar Analyzes And Interprets The Widely Accepted Facts Underlying The Accepted Portrayal Of Custer S Defeat His Perspective, However, Is Fresh, And He Offers Wholly New Conclusions About One Of The Most Enduring Mysteries In American History The Battle Of The Little BighornSklenar Contends That Custer Did Have A Battle Plan, One Different From Any Other Suggested By Scholars Thus Far Custer, He Argues, Had Reason To Believe That His Scheme Might Succeed With Minimum Bloodshed, Made Decisions Consistent With Army Regulations And His Best Instincts As An Experienced Commander, Had Subordinates Who Could Not Overcome The Limits Of Their Personalities In A Desperate Situation, And Made A Selfless Commitment To Save The Bulk Of His RegimentAlong The Way, Sklenar Appraises The Officers And Other Men Who Served In The Seventh, Evaluating The Survivors Testimony And Assessing The Intent And Motives Of Each The Movements And Decisions Of These Men, The Plans And Goals Of Their Regimental Leader, And The Remembrances And Testimony Of Indian Eyewitnesses Form The Basis For This Narrative History Of The Seventh S Famous Fight

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