î Together Again (Vicarage Bench, #4) ¹ Download by î Mimi Barbour

î Together Again (Vicarage Bench, #4) ¹ Download by î Mimi Barbour Time travel romance sort of there s a twist Enjoyable unique read with some parts of the storyline predictable and some unexpected turns which I didn t see coming and made it enjoyable Be forewarned, you have to suspend belief, if you don t like Fantasy, Paranormal or Science fiction this won t be for you This book also won t stand up to hard Science fiction scrutiny I enjoyed it very much.
Mimi BarbourTogether Again It pays to keep reading.
This book wasn t what I expected It s set in the sixties from which 16almost 17 year old Dani travels 10 years into the future Her body doesn t go with her and her spirit spends a couple of weeks sharing the body of a grown man a reporter Not your typical romance More sci fi But, I read onBecause Dani s comatose body was left in her own time, the author had to account for the time Dani s spirit was out of her body So, much of the first half of the book is told from the uncle and housekeeper s POV Again, not what I m used to.
I have to admit, by this point, I wasn t sure I was going to like this book I had expected a time travel romance This didn t seem like a romance at all It was of A time travel romantic delight, Together Again reminded me of Time Traveller s Wife but with a happier vibe I loved the character Dani and the chemistry between her and Troy was magnificent A bit slow in places, Together Again is a magical book.
My Rating 4 stars originally appeared on bookshelf ConfessionsTogether again is the fourth installment in the Vicarage Bench Series by Mimi Barbour It s about a 17 year old girl Dani who pricked her finger in the magical rose bush grown by her uncle Dr Robert and then she s transported into another time and in another s body She find herself in the body of Troy, a 29 year old reporter who s in England to scope for Ellie Ward, a best selling author who happened to show courage in a bank rob in US.
The story goes on to Dani and Troy s time together and on the other time Dr Robert s and his assistants effprt to keep the incident secret even from Dani s mother.
How could Dani and Troy find true love when age and time comes in their way How could Dr Robert bring Dani back And who is Ellie Together Again is the fourth in The Vicarage Bench series by Mimi Barbour And I got to tell you, I loved this book The chemistry the magic I ve never read anything like it Dani travels through time and invades Troy s body Now Troy can t see Dani, and Dani can only see Troy through his eyes It s hilarious after she invades his body how he tries to protect her virtue But what develops between these two is a powerful spiritual connection a deep love And frankly, what this author pulled off truly amazes me Dani nurtures a love for Troy And her antics And Troy even when tempted by a raving beauty remains faithful to his love for Dani To go into any detail would spoil this wonderful read, which I won t do The Vicarage Bench is funny, romantic and filled with heartbreak and sexy tension A must read, which I highly recommend and you won t be disappointed.

What a lovely read this was We re introduced to our heroine, Dani when she is a teenager, and as such, her happy, spirited nature shines through I really enjoyed meeting her again as the older Dani to see the woman she becomes Her approach to life is much measured, but glimpses of the young girl she was reassures the reader she is still the same person we fell in love with, just a wiser version.
Troy is a wonderful hero Strong, kind and sexy as anything Having the heroine s spirit time travel was a very interesting take on a favourite idea and one I thought the author pulled off cleverly Reading this book, you get the idea that Ms Barbour had a great time with her characters, and I think most people reading this will find the same Thanks for a most enjoyable read Mimi I haven t read the other books in this series and was pleased to find this book stood on it on quite well I found it funny, endearing, full of imagination I rooted for Troy and Dani, laughed with them and wondered how on earth love would survive No spoilers from me, suffice it to say I really enjoyed this book.
Great book, loved the characters Mimi s writing is wonderful and I can t wait for books in the vicarage bench series.
This is a fabulous story full of magic, love and laughter By the end of it I was totally swept away into the lives of Dani and Troy, rooting for them to figure out how to be together, despite the obstacles that kept popping up In particular their own emotional baggage which I felt was very well done and realistic to an actual couple.
Anyone looking for a great romance with a touch of magic, this is the book for you The Vicarage Bench SeriesTraveling Forward In Time, Dani Howard S Spirit Becomes Magically United With That Of Reporter Troy Brennan He S Everything A Girl Could Want In A Man, And She Falls Deeply In Love Though She Must Return To Her Own Body And Her Own Time, She Gains His Promise To Come To Her Birthday Party In Seven Days So They Can Meet As Separate Entities Only Too Late Does She Realize She Should Have Told Him About The Number Of Years Those Days Will Equal In Her LifeTroy Can T Believe He Has Fallen For A Sixteen Year Old Spirit Invader Yet He S So Infatuated That When Beautiful And Renowned Author Ellie Ward Comes On To Him, As Attractive As Familiar As He Finds Her, He S Honor Bound To Stay True To His Young Love Or Is He

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