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[Nicole Helm] ç Too Friendly to Date [ghost-stories PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ Another one where the heroine was too ascerbic for my tastes.
I love the friends to lovers trope, so it was a foregone conclusion that I d enjoy this read What I loved about it, though, was the humor that balanced an otherwise heavy and emotional story all the family drama in the world and that originated in solid character development I seem to be the target audience for the Harlequin Super Romance series I ll have to talk to Miss Bates Reads Romance to figure out what that means as far as I m concerned, she s an expert in all things Harlequin , so take my review with a grain of salt, but I really loved this story Leah s grit, independence, fear of being smothered, acceptance of her future, and determination to live in spite of all that and Jacob s compulsion to be what others need him to be, his easiness, his severe emotional c One Little White Lie One Big Explanation Okay, Pretending Her Sexy Boss Is Her Boyfriend Is Like A Huge White Lie But Electrician Leah Santino Will Take The Risk If Her Parents Think She Has Someone, They Won T Go Back To Smothering Her, And They Can All Be A Family Again Problem Is, Jacob McKnight Isn T Just Her Boss He S Her Friend And Faking A Relationship When The Santinos Come To Visit Means Those Sparks She S Always Tried To Ignore Are Hotter Than Ever This Thing Between Them Is Starting To Feel Real, But Leah Has A Very Good Reason To Stay Independent Unless That S One Lie That S Outlived Its Purpose This emotional and heartfelt romance is the story of Jacob and Leah Working for Jacob s construction company as an electrician has given Leah the validation she needs that despite health concerns she is capable of taking care of herself When her estranged parents plan a visit, she enlists Jacob s help to pretend to be her boyfriend in an effort to appease her mother who believes a woman needs a man to take care of her But when the pretense starts to feel too real, will they be able to admit to each other that a relationship between them is something they both want for their future I really enjoyed this book One of the aspects about it that I found quite endearing was that the hero Jacob was not perfect In fact, the harder he tries to plan and control things the things slip away from him and he must deal with the fact that life is messy and complic Too Friendly to Date was an unexpectedly sweet romance that quickly bowled me over I loved the peculiar coming together of Jacob and Leah To think that all of those intense feelings lay beneath the surface They each felt that pull of attraction but did not act on it until in close quarters Brilliant The family tension on both sides was a nice touch to the overall story Jacob and his issues, along with Leah and her issues, made for great reading I cannot say that I liked how he treated her at the hospital even though I understand the rawness of his emotions That was no excuse for being a doughnut Leah, for the most part, was strong but she to had a chip on her shoulder Still, she was compassionate in her own way I was so glad to see that she and her mother finally resolved to some degree their issues All in all, th This review first appeared on my blog received this copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Would I recommend it Yes, I would 100% recommend this book, it is such a cute and sweet book and I loved reading it In case you haven t noticed yet, I m a big fan of the friends to lovers trope, I fall for it every time and I can t get enough of it.
I really liked Leah s character, I love how strong and independent she is, and I really connect with her In the past few years I ve dealt with health issues of my own and I know what it s like to have family members who smother you, it s really hard to deal with and I loved seeing that in a story.
I loved reading how Leah dealt with her issues as a teen and then changed for the better as an adult I also loved Jacob s charact This one is hard to rate I liked the book I liked the story I liked Jacob and Leah I HATED every other character in the book I hated them I hated Leah s family, I hated Jacob s family I hated how they treated Jacob and Leah I hated how they acted Anytime they were on the page, I hated it Seriously.
BUT, Jacob was great Leah was a bit standoffish and tough But it was self preservation and fear I respected her for it and for owning it.
Overall, I enjoyed the romance Just wish the other characters weren t around for it.

Nicole Helm writes blue collar heroines and it s so good Like, real blue collar heroines Who live lives I recognize because I grew up surrounded by farmers and people living blue collar lives And she writes conflict that s not necessarily loud, but is important Sometimes the solutions are too easy, but mostly I just really appreciate that the books are about problems that people actually have in their lives.
I was first introduced to Nicole Helm s work in her recent release All I Have It s an adorable farmer s market romance now available as a single title that I just loved So, I was excited to try something else by her and I liked this one a lot too.
Leah is an electrician who is fiercely independent and stubborn If anyone glances at her with the a look of pity, she gets very defensive All of this is for good reason Leah was born with a heart defect and had to have a transplant at the age of 13 WIth severe asthma and allergies, as a young adult, Leah got completely sick of her family s constant hovering and moved in with her aunt Leah acted out, made bad decisions, putting her life in danger and cutting ties with her parents Now ten years later, she is beginning the rocky road to rebuilding that relationship with her mom and dad, starting with having th This book kicked me in the emotional solar plexus What I loved about this book was that the characters were real people with real problems Nobody was perfect In fact, when they tried to be, it backfired spectacularly I love that Jacob was sort of set up as the too good to be true friend love interest, but when shit got real, he couldn t deal And Leah, who previously couldn t deal with her own issues, was practical about the whole ordeal with the illnesses I was actually worried for a moment that it wouldn t work out between the two of them, even though I knew I was reading a book with a guaranteed HEA The ending was lovely and completely satisfying None of this magical thinking of love cures all , but instead a completely honest message of shit gets tough, but let s deal with it together.

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