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[ Pdf Out of Jerusalem, Volume 3: Towards the Promised Land Æ supernatural PDF ] by H.B. Moore ☆ Although we don t really know what exactly happened in between Nephi and his family building the ship and their journey except for his older brothers tying him up to the mast and the major storm happening for a few days until his brothers loosed him, this was VERY well written and as usual I loved this one I feel like I m a part of the family and traveling with them after knowing these stories since I was a little girl These stories truly come to life for me and now when I read even a portion of the Book of Mormon now I feel I m actually there with these amazing men and the people and can picture what they see now Such a good series and sad it s ending after four books.
Love this book love this series It really brought the Book of Mormon to life for me I feel like I know the people in the Book of Mormon better I understand the culture environment of the time muchthan before.
The only problem now is remembering which parts are fiction and which parts are scriptural It Is Time For Lehi S Family To Leave The Place Bountiful For The Promised Land But Nephi S Older Brothers, Laman And Lemuel, Believe They Are Already Living In A Promised Land Why Should They Leave Their Newfound Abundance Challenged With Following Instructions From The Lord While Keeping Peace Within The Family, Nephi Forges Ahead To Build A Ship That Can Cross Oceans But Storms At Sea Are Nothing Compared To The Turbulent Relationship Between Nephi And His Older Brothers From Publisher S Description I absolutely loved this book series It was wonderful to follow Nephi and his family through their journey to the Americas The author used the actual story of Nephi and his family but gave their wives names and personalities It was adventurous as the family encounters the dangers of their journey but it was also emotional to experience the family breakup and all the troubles that brought I highly recommend this book series I absolutely love this series I definitely recommend it if you re looking for something church related to read.
I read this yesterday a fast and enjoyable read It was a lotrealistic in my mind than some of the situations in the previous book of the series I like how the author portrays the relationships between the characters.
Lehi s family builds a ship and sails to the Promised Land.

Towards the Promised Land is 3 in the Out of Jerusalem series It continues the journey of Lehi and his family, this time as they build a ship and embark on the voyage to the Promised Land This section parallels the scriptures found in 1Nephi 17 7 18 23 For those who are familiar with the Book of Mormon story, which I am it is most interesting I especially like this series because I get to be an invisible participant in the lives of an ancient family that faces important historical and spiritual challenges I like learning and experiencing the culture, traditions and history of a people that I can only imagine in an age and land far from my knowledge Religious details and Mosaic laws are explained so I better understand Lehi and Nephi s incredible faith, and why their journey was so important I can only add that I m glad I am part of modern time, and not experiencing the ancient chal I enjoy these books I like the characters, the plot moves along, and the information is fascinating so I ve been trying to figure out why I will read some, then put it aside and read something else for a while before I go back to it As I was nearing the end of this book, the reason occurred to me the story is such a downer No matter how many times things work out, you know there is going to beconflict within the family No matter how many times Laman and Lemuel repent, you know they are going to get mad and try to kill Nephi again In spite of the mild depression I feel while reading, I recommend the books They are well researched In this volume, I gained greater insight into trade routes and ship building in this era of history It s also interesting to see all the things women were traditionally expected to do Glad I live now I am really enjoying this series Heather Moore, the author said I consider this book as the bridge between scholarly research on the Book of Mormon lands and the average reader Most people don t read works and essays published by FARMS or other publications articles on smelting tools, the Nephite calendar, duties of the nomadic women, habits of camels, etc And I didn t either until I started doing my research She combines her research with what we know from The Book of Mormon Then she fills in the blanks with a fun story I love learning about the culture and imagining what the women of The Book of Mormon may have been like It makes me think about the scriptures in in new ways.

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