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com A comprehensive and extensively researched 36 pp of footnotes at the end presentation of the issues that led to Samuel Pepys s imprisonment in the Tower of London and the proceedings brought against him in Parliament for treason in 1679 Pepys, whose rise in the Admiralty was aided by his association with the Duke of York the future James II , fell victim to the paranoia sweeping through London and Parliament over the Duke s Catholicism and over imagined Popish Plots It was feared that if and when the Duke succeeded his brother Charles II Catholicism would replace the Church of England throughout the country and the earlier Protestant martyrdom that took place under Mary Tudor would return Pepys s association with the Duke brought out the anger of the newly empowered Whig members of the Commons in Parliament and landed Pepys in prison His brilliant fight aga Very good biography about a very interesting time in English history Learned a lot.
Most impressed Pepys s diaries have been such a major historical source that his life after their life span get overlooked A major life event occurred on 20th May 1679 when one Colonel John Scott accused Pepys and a fellow MP Sir Anthony Deane at the bar of the House of Commons of being spies for Louis XIV and Roman Catholic traitors.
Scott claimed, whilst in France, to have been present in 1675 at the house of the French Treasurer , and seen papers with crucial details of British naval ships, the fighting instructions of the navy, along with several maps of the English coastline, and a letter signed Samuel Pepys As Pepys was Secretary of the Admiralty he would of course have access to such crucial information, and had in fact visited France in 1675 Pepys was also accused by another witness of piracy, a former servant also acc Just goes to show you that swindling is one of the world s oldest professions I was less interested in Pepys story, which rather dragged as his ordeal did than in Scott s Arch swindler, he seems the stereotypical compulsive liar he was probably unable to tell the truth even when he wished to which wasn t often, apparently How he got away with it so long is probably a tribute to the poor communications of his time as much as to his ability He was notoriously bad at covering his tracks or doing than running away when the times got tough.

How can I explain this It s impossible to explain OK I ll try You are welcome.
It s like DD Ok but instead of a fighter or a cleric or something You are a first level bureaucrat You eventually advance to godlike levels but in real time day by day second by second You experience every meal, every incident, every seemingly meaningless coincidental moment of every day And in that way you enter another world and understand it better from top to bottom.
Oh wait I m talking about Pepys diary read that as its one of the most amazing books ever written Pompeii if Pompeii could speak Then read this because there is to be known about Samuel Pepys in the years of his life outside of the great journal.
It s OK Not my period, really, though Well researched for sure, but somehow lacks the sparkle to make it really interesting to me Maybe the book assumes you know about the early Pepys than I do, or have background knowledge It s not a bad book, by any stretch of the imagination don t get me wrong, but it s not got the bite that some of my favourite non fiction historical writers put into their work.
An excellent account of a minor event major to Pepys when he was falsely accused of treason as the Stuart reign was coming to an end.
Long, tortuous tale of Pepys being caught up in the hysteria of the Popish plot and spending time in the tower of London His nemesis was Colonel John Scott, liar and con man The twists and turns in this man s life are dealt with in much detail Could have been a hundred pages shorter.
, England Fear Of Conspiracy And Religious Terrorism Have Provoked Panic In Politicians And A Zealous Reaction From The Legal System Everywhere Or So It Is Feared Catholic Agents Are Plotting To Overthrow The King Samuel Pepys, Secretary Of The Admiralty, Finds Himself Charged With Treason And Facing A Show Trial And Execution Imprisoned In The Tower Of London, Pepys Sets To Work Investigating His Mysterious Accuser, Colonel John Scott, And Uncovers A Life Riddled With Ambition, Forgery, Treason And Ultimately Murder Using Rare Access To Pepys Account Of The Affair, James Long And Ben Long Brilliantly Evoke A Turbulent Period In England S History And Tell The Forgotten Story Of The Two Most Dangerous Years In The Life Of The Legendary Diarist

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