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[Elijah C. Nealy] ¼ Transgender Children and Youth [world-of-warcraft PDF] Read Online ☆ I really enjoyed this book It was easy to read and think it covered a variety of perspectives, at least for a layperson I would think it would be beneficial for anyone providing support for children and youth, including medical professionals, parents, educators, and other care givers The excerpts that were interspersed really gave it a personal feel and made the informationimpactful, as well as providing natural breaks to the sections It s hard to imagine that treating people like people would prove so difficult Nevertheless, we see the results of that not happening everyday I d recommend it for any of those people listed above, though I m not certain it would convince those whose heads and hearts are set against For those curious or gatheringinformation, I d count it as a resource noting that s just my personal opinion.
This is a great resource for parents of trans kids or professionals working with trans youth Would definitely recommend Wonderful and important book for anyone, especially those who work with youth Dr Nealy s writing is clear, powerful, and helpful I read this as part of an optional summer bookclub that my school district sponsored I am so happy to have gained new insights, stories, and applied strategies I can use going forward to be a supportive advocate for all people.

This is a compassionate, sensitive, extremely informative book.
I can t say I agree with it But there is a problem here These Days, It Is Practically Impossible Not To Hear About Some Aspect Of Transgender Life Whether It Is The Bathroom Issue In North Carolina, Trans People In The Military, Or On Television, Trans Life Has Become Front And Center After Years Of MarginalizationAnd Kids Are Coming Out As Trans At Younger And Younger Ages, Which Is A Good Thing For ThemBut What Written Resources Are Available To Parents, Teachers, And Mental Health Professionals Who Need To Support These Children Elijah C Nealy, A Therapist And Former Deputy Executive Director Of New York City S LGBT Community Center, And Himself A Trans Man, Has Written The First Ever Comprehensive Guide To Understanding, Supporting, And Welcoming Trans KidsCovering Everything From Family Life To School And Mental Health Issues, As Well As The Physical, Social, And Emotional Aspects Of Transition, This Book Is Full Of Best Practices To Support Trans Kids

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