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[ Read Online True Grime (True Grime, #1) Ù southern PDF ] by Natasha Deen ¼ Fairy cops, universe straddlers, and necrophages are just a few of the fantastical creations you ll run into in this unique and gritty detective story Natasha Deen introduces a very unique world at a great pace as the plot pulls you in She manages to strike the right balance between pulling rabbits out of a hat with magical elements and info dumping with too much ranting about the rules of magic She tells you enough that your curiosity is sated but you still want to turn the page I was thoroughly impressed with the plausible breadth the book covered Going from high school drama to epic clashes with dragons and chemical crime lords, the relevance of both is unquestioned in the setting Deen establishes As a Young Adult novel I believe this book has t True Grime, by Natasha DeenThe human world is in peril Fairy gone bad Claude Von Beulow, a crack chemist and convicted killer, has escaped from the magical world s Menacres Asylum for the Criminally Insane A cold blooded human hater, Von Beulow is bent on revenge He wants to wipe out humanity and start a war in the magical world Von Beulow already has an impressive track record he was responsible for creating and unleashing the polio and small pox viruses What will he do this time Pepper Powder Puff and Harley Hands are Grime Cops in training Both fairies have a personal stake in Von Beulow s recapture he killed their fathers When the Grime Cops are called into action, Officers Powder and Hands unfurl their wings and take to the air A tip leads them to the home of a prominent humanologist The cops quickly determine Von Beulow had ra Grime Cop And Teen Fairy Pepper Powder Lives For One Thing Protecting The Human Species From Magical Zealots Who Seek To Eradicate Them With Violent Illness Of Unusual Resistance And Strength Humans Call Them Viruses, But Their Mistake Is Understandable The Very Young Often Get Their Words Wrong When A Terrorist Leader Releases A Necrophage Bomb, It Not Only Decimates Grime Headquarters, It Turns Pepper Into The Magical World S First Fairy Amputee But She S Not Going To Let A Little Thing Like A Missing Leg Stop Her To Catch Her Criminal, And Prevent Him From Unleashing A VIURS In One Of The Human World S Biggest Shopping Centers, West Edmonton Mall, She Goes Undercover As A Human But Once Pepper S Theories Of Humanity Collide With The Reality Of Bullies, Cliques, And Environmental Destruction, Will She Still Believe Humanity S Worth Saving Short synopsis Pepper Powder and Harley Hands, two hard boiled magical cops, live for the chance to put the fairy terrorists intent on wiping out humanity behind bars But when a particularly evil fairy named von Beulow aka Twilight Twinkle busts out of jail intent on unleashing a deadly virus upon the world, Pepper faces her toughest assignment yet going undercover as a human teenager and coming to terms with her feelings for Harley.
The long version From the synopsis above, you can get a sense of Deen s satirical and hilarious sense of humor as well as her interest in genre fusion Full disclosure I know the author personally, having met her at a writing conference several years ago True Grime is her YA debut, My Opinion Some of you may know how much I adored What Happens In Vegas by Natasha I was then happy when she asked me to review her new book True Grime.
True Grime is about Pepper and her partner Harley and how they have to keep the fairies from harming humans They are part of a task force called True Grime They get assigned to find one of them most dangerous criminals Claude and have to stop his evil plan of killing humans They have to go undercover as teenagers to track down Claude You will enjoy how Pepper reacts to the human world She has no experience with them and it creates some laugh out loud funny situations The book also dives into the world of bulling I also really enjoyed the faires full names like Pepper Petunia Powder Puff and Harley Hands I also loved how Pepper would get w Pepper Powder Puff and her partner Harley Hands were fairy cops in training They were junior members of the True Grime squad An elite team utilized to keep the evil villains from spreading Violent Illness of Unusual Strength and Resistance viruses to humanity When the biggest and meanest of the baddies breaks out of the Menacer s Asylum, our dynamic duo are unleashed on Twilight Twinkle aka Claude Von Beulow Passing as a human high schooler isn t the easiest transition for our rough and tumble Powder Puff and she has to tackle some pretty big issues to save humanity, like whether or not humans are worth saving at all.
This was like a fairytale on Red Bull and Ritalin From the first page, it was full speed ahead with the whimsy and alliterative names The snot weapons nearly Grime concerns the duo, Pepper and Harley, as they attempt to prevent the fairies from doing further damage to humans their task force is called True Grime Claude is the antagonist He is portrayed as truly evil no conscience, no compassion, etc Pepper and Harley are sent to stop Claude in his murderous tracks The story takes off from there.
The characters overall were fun to get to know Pepper s reactions to the human world were amusing as she had never really experienced the human world She was a different kind of character inquisitive, intelligent, and idealistic Harley was amusing as well Whenever Pepper began to feel for him, she would immediately go on the defensive and their little interactions will amuse the reader The secondary characters were not focused upon overly much, only the antagonist, Clause, was truly a Review taken from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia.
First Sentence In The City, crime never slept.
I tend to either love or hate books with faeries, with no room for a middle ground feeling concerning them True Grime hit the nail on the head with an original take on faeries, having them be protectors of the human race with the bonus of including some pretty funny bantering between Pepper and Harley partners as Grime cops True Grime is the first book I have read were the faeries are the main focus of the story, and where humans take a very backseat role Given that, I was definitely impressed with how things played out and with how well the story flowed and the interactions between the characters like the relationship of Pepper

So this is fantasy book about faeries and all kinds of magical creatures Usually I don t read those kind of books but at the moment I m actually reading two Well technically one because I just finished this one, but it s this one and The Iron King By Julie Kagawa and I absolutely love it but that is not what this review is about This review is about the fantabulous book True Grime By Natasha Deen Like I said I didn t know if I was going to like it and the first couple chapters were a bit slow but I think it s because I was reading with a bunch of people around and talking When I started reading by myself in a quiet place it started getting way better so that s my theory and I m keeping it that way The book wa I seriously have to talk about this book Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself, Wow, the things that go on in this authors mind must be insane OR maybe you find yourself thinking, Do they know something we don t know Well, those are just a few thoughts that crossed my mind while reading this book However, after I finished I think I had even questions in my head than were there when I began.
Like, what is the ocean made up of Do you think thunderstorms are a product of us pissing off a fairy somewhere What if a tornado is really just a fairy fart Or a hurricane is the product a fairy bubble bath Maybe just maybe, a rainbow is something we get to see when the fairy people are happy with us Well, no matter the questions I have one thing is for certain, this book totally rocks If I m going to 100% honest, I ll tell ya

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