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[Ruth Logan Herne] Å Try, Try Again [dinosaurs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û I do love second chance romances and this one was a good one I personally liked the depth of character displayed in Conor The death of his son had pushed him to commit suicide, luckily he was stopped in the nick of time The story unfolds around his life after his suicide attempt and how he attempts to strengthen the familial bonds between his daughters and eventually, his ex wife The only aspect of the book that irked me came in the form of Alicia All she did was complain and blame Conor for her unhappiness True, Conor was not the best husband but he had been trying to make amends for almost a decade The characters were well developed and the romance was believable enough I m a sucker for forgiveness and happily ever afters.
Try againA beautiful love story which kept me going I went thru many a Kleenex while reading Truly a wonderful story Powerful And Rich, Wall Street Financial Wizard Conor Bradstreet Had It All Until His Son S Death Showed Him Otherwise A Decade Older And Wiser, Conor Now Faces The Final Step In His Healing Making Peace With His Ex WifePeace With Conor Is The Last Thing On Alicia Bradstreet S Mind Losing Her Son Took Than Her Heart, It Darkened Her Soul But With Their Daughter S Engagement To A Single Father Comes The Expectation Of Harmony Can Alicia Move Beyond Her Anger And Conor Beyond His Guilt To Try, Try Again Join Award Winning Author Ruth Logan Herne As She Spins A Journey Of Faith, Hope And Love In Her Typical Heart Touching Style, A Path That Winds Around The Honor Of A Derelict Former Cop, A Small Child Who Misses Her Mother And A Dog Just Aching For A Second Chance Much Like His New Owners A beautiful romance about second chances Highly recommended Alicia and ConorThis was a great book about the aftermath of tragedy a nd healing relationships Alicia and Conor lose a son and their marriage.
Beautiful storyThis story was so good I love the twisted styles how it s a wonderful life Highly recommended this book to friends and family.
I didn t know what to expect when I started to read Try Try Again I had wanted to read this author s books for a long time based on recommendations and blog interaction, but wasn t sure what I would find I m sorry I waited this long Ruth Logan Herne is a fantastic romance author and I can t wait to read everything I can find with her byline.
Try Try Again is not your typical romance but of the second chance category So appealing to not always have the young romantics as the hero heroine And what depth of character Conor and Alicia were both so well done I feel like they re old friends I also loved the fact that the majority of the book is from Conor s point of view He is such an awesome heroine The reader will fall in love with him from the first page.
Alicia is the heroine you love to hate then suddenly you just love h

This story has been compared to It s A Wonderful Life and in my opinion, it s every bit as good a story It will grab you right at the start and it won t let go until the very end Conor Bradstreet wants nothing than to make up for his past but can he Ruth Logan Herne does a wonderful job creating entertaining characters Alicia is one you won t easily forget she is so determined to hold on to her pain, she has no idea how others view her I admit, it wasn t easy reading I didn t think she would ever let go But it was most definitely realistic I could picture her angst and her determination to not forgive or forget the past.
If you re in the mood for a contemporary romance with tons of emotions, grab a copy of Try, Try Again available in digital format.
Happy Reading This was the best book by this author I ve ever read Not what I was expecting at all and a beautiful redemptive tale with something in it for everyone.
Enjoyable bookA very enjoyable and entertaining book I have never read one that is centered on a divorced couple possibly getting back together.

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