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[Harriet Ziefert] ↠´ Two Little Witches: A Halloween Counting Story [victorian PDF] Ebook Epub Download » This is a great book for teaching your child how to count and how to add I read this to my three year old and she picked up the counting and adding very quickly.
A fun book which is a littlethan a counting book it actually is very subtly teaching the idea of addition and subtraction The addition is accomplished as the two witches go trick or treating and add a costumed friend at a number of houses and the subtraction is accomplished by the children being scared Ziefert has done a good job with this one and of course the illustrations by Simms Taback are icing on the Halloween cake.
Bold Illustrations Depict Halloween S Splendor In This Counting Book Simple Word Repetition Will Sustain The Tension For Very Young Listeners THE HORN BOOKNow With ThanColorful StickersIf One Little Witch Meets One Little Witch, What Happens On A Spooky Halloween Night In This Lively, Cumulative Counting Book, They Re Joined By A Plump Pumpkin, A Fuzzy Bunny, A Friendly Pirate, A Pink Princess, And Costumed Characters, Until Ten Trick Or Treaters Are Tiptoeing Up To A Dark, Scary House And What Would Happen If A Monster Opened The Door Bright Illustrations Set Off The Simple Rhythms Of This Halloween Story, Just Waiting To Be Completed With A Page Full Of Stickers I don t know why Deacon brought home a Halloween book in February, but he did, and wanted to read it, so we did I like this counting book because it isn t just counting, it s addition You start with a witch, add another witch, you get 2 Then you add a cat, you get three trick or treaters, and you keep adding until you get to the magic number ten Then it s a bit tricky because there s subtraction Would recommend to myself to purchase as a classroom resource.
It s Halloween night and the trick or treaters are making their rounds With endearing illustrations by Simms Taback, Harriet Ziefert creates a rhythmic counting book that will give even the littlest trick or treater chills and thrills.
A counting story in which two little witches meet eight other trick or treaters on Halloween night and the whole gang gets a little spooked A suitable read aloud with pencil, ink, and watercolor illustrations for PreK 2.
Sam memorized this story and loved it Great art and fun.
Two Little Witches A Counting Story Board Book by Harriet Ziefert a Halloween book for counting to 10, using the theme to re introduce counting

Eh Perfect for teaching little kids how to count, I suppose As a story, not really that entertaining, unfortunately Honestly, the only thing that this book has going for it is the nice artwork by Simms Taback.
Fun potential I m back and forth on the age, though Word wise, it s toddler Concept wise, it s on the border of toddler and preschool.
10 26 10 10 28 10 This worked very well with the small group They counted aloud with me And it was fun to read The story moved along well It didn t work well with the large Thu group Some kids were getting it and with it, but it was hard for me to connect with them because of the younger kids who were wandering everywhere That was also a distraction for both of us I was starting to lose control of half the room, but pushed on for those children who were still with it Parents helped a lot with this one And the ending brought back the focus.

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