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[Tamara Agha-Jaffar] Â Unsung Odysseys [religion PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Unsung Odysseys Explores The Story Of Odysseus Ten Year Journey Home From Troy Through The Multiple Voices Of The Women Embroiled In His Adventures A Distraught Mother, A Patient Wife, A Devoted Nurse, A Benevolent Witch, A Possessive Nymph, A Love Sick Princess, And A Loyal Goddess Their Silence Has Finally Been Broken In Words That Vibrate With Heartfelt Clarity And Timeless Messages

Homer s Odyssey seems to be a siren song in its own right it has slithered into western consciousness and begs to be resung, retold, and related in new ways for new times Unsung Odysseys is a relating from the perspective of the women in the Odyssey In fact, there are no male voices here, except as they are voiced by the women, separately, in first person narrative It is a challenge stylistically to tell the story in this way, but if the goal is to put the female perspective in the spotlight then it s a sensible approach The tone of the prose is Homeric in its simplicity, though it does wear the patina of modern speech and cliche At times this rendering reminds me of Lamb s reduction It often tells rather than shows, in part, I think, to give the feminist interpret I was drawn to the idea of seeing events through the eyes of the women in The Odyssey Reading Unsung Odysseys prompted me to revisit my understanding of The Odyssey, and in doing so, I was struck at how many women played roles in the saga, and how influential they were in driving the plot Ms Agha Jaffar has a pleasing writing style with plain and simple sentence structures She moved from one woman s voice to another s seamlessly I regret the number of contemporary cliches of speech and the overly frequent complaints of a woman s poor lot in life in the narratives This last might make sense, given the antiquity of the book s time frame, except that the relentless complaints discount the influence most of the women actually had in the original story There was also an opportunity lost in that I didn t learn muc

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