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Á Read ✓ Valhalla Mad by Joe Casey ✓ Their Names Are Legend The Glorious Knox Greghorn The Battlebjorn Jhago The Irritator Three Warrior Gods Vacationing On Earth, Just Looking To Get Their Drink On And Have A Good Time Join The Drunken Festivities With Toastmasters Joe Casey Sex And Paul Maybury Sovereign The New Mythology Begins Now My love of books, graphic novels and comics was utterly disappointed It was not my favorite and I had a hard time getting through it.

3 Asgardian type warriors return to Earth for a gluttonalia Jhago, Greghorn and Knox come from Viken to New York for a pub crawl where they pick up Arthur, an old man dying of cancer but Knox has an ulterior motive.
Illustrated in a cartoony style, this collection is a bit too wordy for me I did not find it particularly interesting and regret starting it.
It was not my thing It had an interesting concept and nice design, but the story was lacking It kept feeling like it was about to build up to something, but there was no build up or pay off There may have been an end, but I couldn t find a resolution.

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