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Download Epub Format ☆ Venus in Winter PDF by Ý Gillian Bagwell I tried, I really did, to get into this book But after 100 pages, I ve given up I rarely give up on books, but I have two others to review and I just can t spend any time with this one All I got out of the 100 pages I read was a Tudor history lesson Bess Hardwicke goes to court and witnesses Henry VIII wed wives 4 and 5 I m told the story picks up and I may try again later But writers of historical fiction should assume that readers kind of know their history and don t need to be hit over the head with it.
Did Norman Rockwell write a book like this The female characters are so impossibly good The whole feeling of the book is so unrelentlessly sentimental Still I didn t know much about Bess of Hardwick so at least I have an introduction to her and will proceed to some nonfiction to satisfy my interest

The story of Bess Hardwick is surely an interesting one given the historical context I enjoyed the writing and the amount of details given, however, the flow of the story is too slow at points and the author complete skipped the next half of her life maybe the author will follow up with a sequel I also find Bess Hardwick annoying since she is so one dimensional Her character is all good and all she does is pray and lets things and husbands fall into her lap.
I have no idea how a historical fiction author could take on Bess of Hardwick s early life and write a bland novel, but Bagwell managed it.
Fantastic book I love Bagwell s previous two books, but I think this may be my favorite Review to come Bess of Hardwick married the Earl of Somerset and served as Mary Queen of Scots jailer but that s the half of her life this novel does not cover Not bad, but not great either.
5 StarsA book purported to be about Bess of Hardwick, I looked forward to exploring the life of such an important figure in female history during the Elizabethan age From what I ve gleaned from Wikipedia and other research sources, I knew her to come from rough beginning to rise as one of the wealthiest women of her era, ancestress of throne claimants However, what I got from this book was the history of the Tudors through the eyes of an onlooker NOT what I wanted from this title I will say the author does a great job with historical details and scene setting I got a clear mental picture of the glamour inherent to Tudor courts The sumptuous fabrics of court costumes and the splendor of palaces and castles were easily visualized Th This is my third book by Ms Bagwell and I can tell you that I was jumping up and down when given the opportunity to review it I can tell you that I will be jumping up and down if given the opportunity to review her next book She is one of those authors where I see her name on the book and I would read it without even checking out the synopsis I just KNOW that I am in for a well researched, well written engrossing novel.
Venus is Winter was no exception I took it on my vacation and like her two other books I read it in one sitting I find that once I start I am part of the world of the protagonist and it is very hard to leave In this case that protagonist is Bess of Hardwick, a woman who rose from practically nothing to become one of the most wealthy women in England Much is left to history of Bess from her life after she married her last husband, The Author Of The September Queen Explores Tudor England With The Tale Of Bess Of Hardwick The Formidable Four Time Widowed Tudor Dynast Who Became One Of The Most Powerful Women In The History Of EnglandOn Her Twelfth Birthday, Bess Of Hardwick Receives The News That She Is To Be A Waiting Gentlewoman In The Household Of Lady Zouche Armed With Nothing But Her Razor Sharp Wit And Fetching Looks, Bess Is Terrified Of Leaving Home But As Her Family Has Neither The Money Nor The Connections To Find Her A Good Husband, She Must Go To Facilitate Her Rise In SocietyWhen Bess Arrives At The Glamorous Court Of King Henry VIII, She Is Thrust Into A Treacherous World Of Politics And Intrigue, A World She Must Quickly Learn To Navigate The Gruesome Fates Of Henry S Wives Convince Bess That Marrying Is A Dangerous Business Even So, She Finds The Courage To Wed Not Once, But Four Times Bess Outlives One Husband, Then Another, Securing Her Status As A Woman Of Property But It Is When She Is Widowed A Third Time That She Is Left With A Large Fortune And Even Larger Decisions Discovering That, For A Woman Of Substance, The Power And The Possibilities Are Endless I thoroughly enjoyed this book I worked a bit backwards I had just finished reading Arbella England s Lost Queen by Sarah Gristwood and, after reading Venus in Winter I am currently reading Bess Of Hardwick by Mary Lovell.
Venus in Winter closely follows the historical facts and Ms Bagwell weaves a delightful, highly believable, tale around the history Bess of Hardwick was a truly amazing woman who was quite ahead of her time Intelligent and canny she made a good life for herself and he family despite the tenuous times in which she lived She came close to losing everything that she and her husbands had worked so hard for, but came back from the brink and prospered.
This is one of those books that I found difficult to put down It made me interested enough to read her biography by Mary Lovell If you love historical fiction, T

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