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Û Read Þ Viking Boy by Tony Bradman ↠´ Awesome book, especially for boys read my interview with author Tony Bradman at This book is the reason I m willing to read middle grade books What a wonderful story this was Though written for younger readers, it was completely enjoyable for adults as well Set in viking times, a boy goes through all kinds of trials to accomplish a personal quest While that sounds like an all too common plot, the characters were all wonderful, realistic people from major to minor The bad guy was realistic and completely believable there was no black and white here But, as good as the characters are, the world was even better While it was set on Earth in a real time period, and while it was very realistically written, it had a really nice supernatural religious mythical element as well All the viking stories were real, all the gods and mythical beings really existed and someti This is a great book for children It is complicated yet I loved it I would recommend this book for 8 or 9 year olds It is so so so sad read it now This book promises Blood Fire Vengeance and it doesn t disappoint Gunnar is the Viking Boy of the title who is forced to run away to save himself after his homestead is raided and his father is murdered by the Wolf Men bringers of fire and slaughter His long journey to the Land of Ice and Fire is filled with many dangers, but he has to find Valhalla, for that is where Brunhild, Queen of the Valkyries, has taken his father to the Hall of Fallen Heroes and where Gunnar has to become a warrior Lots of action in this story, and in the illustrations by Pierre Denis Goux, such as the drawing of the Valkyries riding their wolves creatures of nightmare, each the size of a horse, but with bristling grey pelts and huge, leathery wings Their eyes glowed red, and blood dripped from their muzzles as if they had come from some ghastly carrion feast Whether you I read this in mind to use for my Year 3 class aged 7 8 for our Saxons and Vikings topic.
Really enjoyed this book It is slightly too old for my class, but if I was doing this topic with older children, I would most certainly use it I will recommend this book to my higher ability readers to read on their own though.
It is a great epic tale, worthy of being told in mead halls in the Viking times It is an epic quest of a young boy, trying to complete his blood quest to avenge his fathers death It is great because it mentions great information about Vikings It talks about daily life, slaves and the Vikings gods.
Gunnar is a great character and lots of children will enjoy him for being brave, clever and never giving up The secondary cha

Was going to read it to my class but fairly bloodthirsty Be warned Good portrayal of Vikings as warriors I used this to teach Vikings to my Year 5s and they loved it It left them asking questions and wanting to read on A great link to the Viking gods.
A young boy swears to avenge his father s death and is soon involved in a mythical adventure.
I thought this book had a really good story but the writing was a bit stilted in places.
Gunnar, a 14 year old Viking farm boy, swears an oath to kill Skuli, and avenge his Father s murder There is NO sequel A great adventure through Viking life and the mythology he becomes a thrall, visits Kaupang and Iceland, meets the Valkaryries, Odin and Vahalla.
Older fiction great book for boys Double spaced text, serif font and no pictures to support the text, althou some vivid and gruesome illustrations.
Gunnar Is The Son Of A Viking Chieftain, Living Peacefully On His Family Steading With His Mother, Father And Their People Until They Are Raided By Skuli And His Wolf Men, Who Raze His Home To The Ground And Take His Father S Life Gunnar Swears An Oath To Avenge His Father S Death And Save His Mother From Skuli But First He Must Run To Save Himself Murderous Raiders, Hand To Hand Battles To The Death, Mythical Flying Wolves And A Relentless Sea Journey To The Land Of Fire And Ice Unknown To Gunnar, His Life Has Been Foretold, And He Finds He Has A Destiny Greater Than His Own Story

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