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[ Pdf Watching the Dark é harlequin-romance PDF ] by Peter Robinson é I had to give this latest Banks mystery a two not because it s not a good story, it s very good, but because it is told so ponderously It s a mystery, not Thomas Hardy I felt like I was walking every little step with all of the characters Some of the elements that were so charming in his earlier stories were beaten half to death to make sure we notice them I get that Banks likes music I don t need to know every tune that crosses his aural path I think Robinson needs to take a few steps back and let the story shine.
I have read quite a few Inspector Banks novels by Peter Robinson and though I ve read them out of order Which is fine to do I ve grown very fond of the ethical, gruff and clever DCI Banks and have read enough to be both rewarded and frustrated by where he s at professionally and personally now as I m sure Robinson intends Watching the Dark is the twentieth book in the Banks series and in this novel we find the intrepid inspector investigating the murder of a convalescing peer, DI Bill Quinn, a man recently widowed and who, for some reason, never quite recovered from not being able to solve a case from six years ago about a young English woman who went missing in Estonia When Quinn is found dead with a crossbow in his chest, and compromisi

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks and his prot g , D.
I Annie Cabbot return for the twentieth time in this excellent British crime series The case opens when a police detective who is convalescing at a center for the treatment of injured police officers, is murdered, shot to death by someone armed with a crossbow The victim is a recent widower named Bill Quinn who six years earlier had been involved in a high profile case involving a young British woman, Rachel Hewitt, who went missing in Estonia and was never seen again.
As Banks begins the investigation, he discovers that Quinn had secreted several photos showing him in an apparent compromising position with a young woman This brings the Professional Standards division into the picture, in the person of an icy blonde named Joanna Passero She is assigned to shadow Banks s investigation in an effort to determ I can hardly believe that this is the 20th DCI Banks book I ve read Peter Robinson has written some outstanding novels although this isn t one of them it is still a very good book.
It opens with an unusual murder Banks visiting some very bleak English locations, as well as some pleasant foreign ones The plot is good and, as always, the characters are wonderfully written whether they are major players or just ones that make a fleeting appearance.
As Simon Garfunkel almost sang Here s to you, Mr Robinson I love your books than you could know Whoa, whoa, whoa God bless you please, Mr Robinson Heaven hold a place for those you write Keep those plot lines tight Apologies to Paul Art for insulting their legacy Lyrics were never my string point.
It has been a long while since I read any DCI Banks novels I had forgotten how good they could be.
This one deals with a murdered police officer, who may just be bent, a girl missing in Estonia for 6 years, and the European migrant slave trade So well written and absorbing that I was a quarter of the way through the book before I realised it.
Excellent police procedural, with enough back story that even if you haven t read any DCI Banks novels before, you won t feel like you re out of the loop.
Highly recommended to all lovers of British police procedurals and British crime novels in general.
Lorraine Jensen, a patient at the St Peter s Police Treatment Center, is in the habit of getting up around dawn when her pain is keeping her awake to sit outside before the other members of the Center are up As the light grew stronger, Lorraine thought she could see something like a bundle of clothes at the far side of the lake Since Barry, the head groundsman and estate manager was in the habit of keeping the artificial lake and natural woodlands tidy, it was unusual to see anything that looked out of place Although the grass was still wet with dew, Lorraine walked to where she had spotted the bundle of clothes She did not get all the way to the spot when she realized that it was a dead body she was looking at and not a bundle of clothes.
DCI Alan Banks was immediately dispatched to St Peter s as soon as the authoriti A new Peter Robinson book is always a big event in my reading calendar so as soon as Watching the Dark was published all of my other in progress books were pushed aside.
I am afraid that I found this book disappointing.
Too much descriptive writing about the surroundings and not enough meat on the bones for the story.
The first half of the book ticks along nicely but then a series of oh so fortunate events lead us to the conclusion.
A major character just happens to get murdered.
A career criminal just decides to go straight and tell all All a little too contrived and lazily written for this reader I am afraid.
There are just too many convenient things that just happen to come together as the story draws to a close for this to be at all believable.
I enjoyed reading the This the the twentieth DCI Banks, recently published I couldn t wait In the gap between Bad Bay and this, I read Before The Poison loved it, so was really expecting good things with this What a disappointment The twists were obvious, it really was DCI Banks by numbers, the Professional Standards Officer was introduced, Banks behaved like an idiot towards her at the beginning, but mellowed out, and the final chapter seemed as if Peter Robinson simply couldn t wait to finish the book Between Banks, I have got stuck into DI Lynley Elizabeth George , but lived Banks Going back after reading several Lynley murders made it seem as is Peter Robonson has lost his love for this character somewhat Complete anti climax I would wait for the paperback to come out.
DCI Alan Banks Reluctantly Investigates DI Bill Quinn With Inspector Joanna Passero Quinn, Convalescing At St Peter S Police Treatment Centre, Was Killed By A Crossbow On The Tranquil Grounds, And Left Compromising Photos Quinn May Be Disreputable, Linked To A Vicious Crime In Yorkshire And To A Cold Case English Rachel Hewitt Vanished In Estonia Six Years Ago A well done addition to this English Police Procedural series I have always liked Inspector Banks and have followed these books through his many changes The plot was pretty interesting and having part of the action take place in Estonia helped keep things fresh.

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