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[ Read Online Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, #4) ¾ space-opera PDF ] by Karen Templeton ☆ Best book I ve read this year SOOOOOOOO awesome I cried for the entire last three scenes AMAZING.
I just can t work up enough of a reaction to this ok book to fill a review Basically, a gray eyed Woobie hero comes home to face his demons and is healed by the power of love and Good Honest Work on a farm run by a pregnant, red headed widow Plot moppets drift in and out of the narrative when cutesy matchmaking is necessary.
It bites off than it can chew and so everything is handled rather facilely When the hero comes back to the heroine at the end, I was thinking it was a good starting point for them to work on establishing a relationship Instead of a beginning, though, it was a marriage proposal and a unicorn and rainbows HEA It felt forced and rushed and just plain unsatisfying.
It s a thoroughly ok read It wants to be a substantial story of hurt and comfort, but it doesn t spend enough time to really dig deep enough to give the issues the weight they deserved.

Karen Templeton became an auto buy author for me a couple years ago Since I first read her Sybil made me do it I ve glommed her backlist and picked up every new release she s put out Some I enjoy than others, but I know I ll always get a good, solid story with her I really liked how practical and plain spoken Emma was She didn t mince words, or beat around the bush, she just told it exactly as it was That was so refreshing Cash had a lot of issues from his past to deal with, and I like that Templeton took her time with both characters The kids were adorable I liked the secondary characters and it was nice to see the other people of Tierra Rosa again The twist at the seemed to come out of left field I understand it was needed to advance the story, but.
something about i Hero left town after a horrible childhood and became a Nashville music star Heroine is his best friend s widow except she met married best friend after the hero left town, so they ve never met Hero s hit bottom, finding his way back up, and has come back to town to do the making amends thing, but it s hard, because the father who beat him bloody has left the old homestead to the best friend, who s now dead, leaving it to the widow Sound complicated Kinda is but it works Widow s struggling to make ends meet with a daughter, a Downs syndrome son, and a pregnancy So hero offers his help She won t take his money, but she will take pruning the trees And so it goes There s quite a bit of angst for him to work through, but he s already done a lot of the work Some things are revealed early on that give him time to work on them It s j Oh, my gosh I can t even express how much I liked this book My grade A , It just won the RITA in the contemporary series category I have not one criticism or disappointment I loved Cash and Emma, loved their distinct and unusual voices, loved the humor, loved the soul wrenching Cash had to see his way through Loved the setting, the secondary characters, the backstory situations that molded Cash and Em.
I could go on and on Anyone who doesn t read this book is just missing out on something really special Karen Templeton, you are a Goddess.
Didn t find the book incredibly romantic instead it was kind of a downer Didn t enjoy it much I guess too home and earthy type for me.
This reminded me why I don t read SSE much I never felt there was much love between Cash and Emma, it was all he had such a twisted past and it was still affecting him and Emma and her problems with handling being a widow, kids etcI appreciate books with issues, but not that many after all I read romance for fantasy and not realism, or it maybe just me and my moods.
Should have read with less expectations.
This story is warm, funny and deadly serious It s got everything, including an admirable heroine and a hero who s got a genuinely heartbreaking story to tell Really enjoyed it Emma, farmer Cash, country singer songwriter original for a Hqn series book.
Recently widowed, pregnant and with two kids, Granny Annie, goats, cats and dog Miss Emma has an overflowing plate of responsibilities Plus she is a farmer with fruit trees, fields and a greenhouse The kids, Zoey and Hunter, are a great addition I really enjoyed their take on Cash Lots of interesting twists and turns with a satisfying ending PS And some special touches that make KT s books a cut above.
He D Never Really Had A Place To Call His OwnBut The Broken Down Ranch In Front Of Him Was The Closest He D Ever Come Now, Pregnant Widow Emma Manning Was Struggling To Keep It, Her Children And Herself Going She Could Use A Hand Well, That Was All Burned Out Musician Cash Cochran Could SpareHe D Never Had A Woman To Call His Own, EitherThat Was Painfully Obvious To Emma As Soon As Cash Knocked On Her Door And Though, With Her Ever Growing Brood And Her Money Pit Of A Ranch, She Was The Last Woman On Earth He Could Ever Fall For, He Was Falling Nevertheless They Both WereBut What Would Happen When They Landed Good story, some nice surprises throughout but it dragged a bit.

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